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Problems Confronting the Muslims World - Essay Example

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uslim world can denote several meanings. In the context of religion, it indicates those people who follow the teachings of Islam i.e. Muslims and in the cultural sense, it can refer to Islamic Civilization regardless of non-Muslims living in that civilization. …
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Problems Confronting the Muslims World
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Download file to see previous pages However in the contemporary geo-political sense, it can refer to Muslim-majority countries, districts, towns and states as a whole. When combined together; all these separate jurisdictional units constitute the Muslim world. Islam has laid strong emphasis on the unity and defense of its fellow members. However, the formulation of sects within the umbrella of Islam had led to many problems in the Muslim world. In this paper, we endeavor to define a problem, examine its various dynamics and then provide a solution of the problem. The major issue confronting the Muslim world can be segregated into three different problems, which as a whole constitutes the issue faced by the Muslim world. Firstly, there is the failure to differentiate between what God has laid in His Book and the Traditions of His Prophet (our own interpretations of it), the difficulties and the dilemmas faced by the womenfolk in the society and the distortion of the meaning of obedience to those who are at a higher position and assigning them unnecessary power and authority, despite the fact that they commit many wrongs and injustices. Let’s tackle each issue individually. ...
2) There’s nothing perplexing about the fact there are discords, which exist among people in context to the analysis of different types of Quranic verses, or the genuineness of specific types of Prophet traditions, as long as people do not disregard these arguments based on the knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah. The opinions and views held by the Muslim Law should be obeyed to the extent that they are it is in compliance with the Quran and Shariah. We should also be careful in ensuring that our stance on controversial aspects of Islam does not deter Muslims from understanding or following the Shariah. Fundamentally, the Shariah is the primary criterion and knowledge center for all questions and each Muslim is required to abide by it and give it preference over other sources of knowledge. When we refrain from references to the Quran and instead place a lot of importance on the opinion of mundane schools of thoughts, we tend to adopt irrational beliefs, which contradicts the Fuqaha of our previous generations, who despite having discords amongst themselves did not own up to any infallibility for their opinions. Most of these differences are grounded on the text of the Shariah, which has been made available to them. It never struck our Fuqaha that it would become an impenetrable wall that hinders the importance of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Also, it didn’t strike them that they would be grudging Muslims the privilege to apply their knowledge to the better understanding of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. The Shariah does not aim to ensnare men in any sort of worldly matters or business. Its only purpose is to provide a way of life and guidance for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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