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The Issues Of Women In The Middle East - Case Study Example

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They have an attitude of imposing strict sharia towards women in the Middle East. The paper "The Issues Of Women In The Middle East" discusses the reasons for the variations in the treatment of women, their status, and their conditions in Muslim dominated countries of the Middle East…
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The Issues Of Women In The Middle East
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Download file to see previous pages Islam was one of the first religions to grant voting rights to women. Nonetheless, women are not allowed to hold any political positions in the Middle East. One cannot ignore the fact that women are treated harshly in the Middle East due to the egoistic and hostile attitudes of man. This is completely frustrating since Islam appreciates the beauty of women. Women are obligated to cover themselves in order to protect their chastity, which is no doubt essential even to women. However, men are considered to be superior sex, much abuse is embedded in society, unfortunately. Women at times are forced to marry within cultures in arranged marriages. The most heinous crimes that are committed in the Middle East consist of the genital mutilation of the females. This sickening acts are illogical and are detrimental to a female’s health. Although that is not the case in every situation, it is a common issue that plagues society. Moreover, conclusive research indicates that a mass tradition of giving “child brides” to men is initiated daily. These child brides are young girls that are given as “gifts” for popular general and military officials. Furthermore, women are limited towards education, wealth and power. Therefore, without much education, women are forced to depend on men. In addition, a husband can divorce his wife at any possible time. However for women to demand divorce is time-consuming and excruciating even though women are granted that right in Islam. In a Saudi trial, the testimony of one man equals that of two women. Again, there are no references in the Shariah that indicate that. If a woman is faced with rape charges, she will be stoned to death. Although this is the same situation for the men also, it does bring concerns about humanitarian issues in general. The women’s inferiority has no doubt been the focal point in all the statutory laws in the Middle East. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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