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Violent Conflict and Civil War - Essay Example

However, they turned into political cannibals. This is why most if not all African elections are characterized by mass post-election violence which in most cases has led to civil war. The best examples are Kenya and Zimbabwe, where the two incumbent presidents refused to relinquish leadership to the winners after they lost the elections. Todd Moss (2011) argues that such African leaders have been the cause for massive losses, high poverty levels, poor leadership and very unstable governments within Africa. Of profound criticism is the Zimbabwe government led by Robert Mugabe. Moss argues that this country is one of the an unusual case in which a country is led into very advanced levels of total collapsed State by acute deliberate actions of its own leaders as opposed to the natural disasters or international war. Many first presidents in Africa had a chance of taking over power from the colonialist at a time when the countries were undergoing good industrial growth and diversification in their economies. However, due to plunder and long years of misrule, the countries have been turned into empty baskets with huge numbers of unemployed and poor begging people. Some of these cruel and insensitive leaders have had to stay in power since independent (Moss, 2011). When people look at Africa they see a continent in which its leaders are engaged in self-destruction practices and where civil wars and other violent conflicts are the order of the day. It is true to a greater extent when we look at

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Civil War
The aim and plan of this formed Confederate was to wear down the USA stronger morale and also attract the intervention of fellow European powers. This was not to happen as neither of the two worked out the way they expected. The strategy of the Union with Lincoln as the President was to come up and maintain morale through nationalism appeals after which advance to sentiments to antislavery.
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The causes of the Civil War
In addition to enacting significant death tolls on both the Northern and Southern participants, the political ramifications of the conflict were truly revolutionary as they resulted in the emancipation of slaves throughout the country.
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The american civil war
It is presumed that issues that were brought about by sectionalism were the main propelling factors that drove the United States into the civil war. This was due to the expansion of territories in the nation that was forcing the nation to question on whether issue of settlement in the country were to be considered from the point of slavery or freedom.
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American Industrialization after the Civil War
These issues encompass a cordial relationship between public and private sectors; the increase of American population through an influx of foreign nationals, and a popular spirit of determination in order to realize an objective. The extent and dimension of the war prompted friendlier government-business relationships.
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The Cultural Perspective of the American Civil War
The culture and values that were prevalent in the South included slavery and, while this was not the primary basis of the Civil War, it contributed to the Northern economy’s setup and racism in the South. Both these cultures led to the wide rift that caused the Civil War. The slavery culture had negative effects on various events that caused the Civil War.
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Irish Civil War
The religious and political issues that were prevailing in Ireland were started a long time back before start of the new century divided Ireland into many groups who had their own ideology and aspirations. These groups could be divided into a lot of ways: Protestant or Catholic, for or in opposition to Home Rule, and after the year 1920, those who supported the idea of an Irish Free State and those opposed to it.
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The Civil War
However, the union had largely been a consequence in point of time and after the revolution the idea of establishing a grand consolidated government of the thirteen states that had gained independence was really upheld in the north but only tolerated in the south.
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Explain how blood diamonds have helped prolong conflict in Africa
This is a volatile mix. As recent history has shown, the international diamond trade has played an important role in fuelling armed conflict and extreme violence in Africa. From Angola to the
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Article Review of The Social Order and Violent Disorder: An Analysis of North Carolina in the Revolution and the Civil War
Much as the article focuses on the changes that have taken place over time after the war, it shifts its focus on finding out the social plans and forces that led to the same phenomenon.
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What role do greed and grievance play in civil war
I will inform you once the paper is ready for submission. thank you very much =) Much of the theoretical and policy discourse about civil wars has placed emphasis, not irrationally, on the cost or economic aspect of conflict. A helpful theoretical
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the ever falling GDP figures presented by Moss. He states that many countries in Africa including Zimbabwe have seen economic collapse and this can be proved by looking at their GDP figures. There are many countries still entangled in civil wars such as Darfur. The major sources of conflict as identified by Todd are scarcity for resources, poor leadership practices where leaders are not willing to give up power leading to military rule by these tyrants, poverty levels which are high and alarming, tribalism and tribal affiliations, and cross-border conflicts due to shared resources as it is the current case with Northern and Southern Sudan States (Moss, 2011). The dawn of independence in many African states meant that the new leaders were to choose various modes of leadership, philosophies and economic concepts. Many who were opposed to capitalist practices by the colonialists chose socialism and vice versa while others like Kenya chose to tore the thin line and combined both coming up with African socialism. These goals were not achieved and what resulted was a collapse of the systems of governance. This has been to a greater extent the highest undoing of African states. Many of these African states that are faced with civil war and violent conflicts do little to change the situation. Instead, they have resorted to evolving tactics which are most characterized by state denial of the real situations on the ground. And to many tyrant rulers, suppression of civil uprisings has been the short term solution (Moss, 2011). Roessler (2011) gives us the clear view of what causes civil wars and violent conflicts in Africa. Much as Todd Moss’s comments are true and applicable to most Africa States, Roessler (2011) brings out the true picture
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Violent Conflict and Civil War (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) African political environment is characterized by strong selfish needs by would be leaders as opposed to public or societal goodwill. The devastating truth is that the very people entrusted with the custody of good leadership by the people and for the people, turn out to be the very enemies of the nation…
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Violent Conflict and Civil War
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