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Should capital punishment be abolished - Research Paper Example

Examples of offences on which it is applied include rape and other sexual crimes, espionage, murder, repeated crimes, and treason. It is also carried out as part of martial justice. While it is still common in some countries, others have prohibited its use. Capital punishment is the most severe punishment form and it refers to putting an offender to death. The judicial process applies it on criminal offenders. Some of the approved means through which it is executed include firing squad, lethal injection, hanging electrocution, gassing, and use of the guillotine. In general, this form of punishment offers a very good method of reducing/containing criminal propensities. This is because criminal offenders are an appalling threat to the public. One of the arguments in favor of capital punishment has to do with the morality of executions. When somebody instigates force against an innocent individual, he/she affirms that he/she does not stand for the principle of individual rights. It is an indication that he/she does not want to live among people as a rational being but wishes to be a predator, to other people’s obliteration as well as disadvantage. If the person opts to live illogically, he/she is not entitled to any rights since rights are the result of the man’s nature as a rational being. Other than being an act of fairness for the society, annihilating such a dangerous being is sensible – a person is dealt with appropriate to how he/she acts. The punishment should match the crime. In view

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Capital Punishment
Such crimes are called capital crimes or capital offences and mostly include murder, espionage, treason and sexual crimes. Capital Punishment has been widely practiced in the past where people were hanged to death or their heads chopped off often for small crimes.
5 pages (1250 words)Research Paper
Capital Punishment
As we enter the 21st century, it becomes apparent that many countries step into the new century after shedding off their old skins by discarding practices that seem cruel; Capital punishment is one such practice. Many states have abolished capital punishment as it no longer compliments their stance on certain topics for example; human rights.
3 pages (750 words)Research Paper
Capital Punishment
Some raise questions over ethical acceptability of the issue as well. The societies have in the past punished the criminals by sentencing them to death but now with the modernization of the world, there are many nations which have abolished the death penalty.
4 pages (1000 words)Essay
Capital Punishment
These questions, and more, lead to the complexity of the death penalty debate. This paper will explore the moral reasoning for and against capital punishment, whilst taking into account two very different cases where the death penalty was used in the United States.
8 pages (2000 words)Research Paper
Capital punishment
Only in few states such as Michigan, Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, District of Columbia, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Maine, North Dakota, Minnesota, West Virginia, Iowa, and Vermont, it is prohibited whereas in all the other states the death penalty is legal. There are many arguments in favor and against death penalty.
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
Capital Punishment
There were many instances where punishments applied were successful in instilling fear in the minds of the people. But when the crime committed crossed the acceptable code of conduct according to the ruling society, punishments had to take a menacing and life snatching form. This was known as capital punishment.
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
Against Capital Punishment
The use of death as a punishment also has moral repercussions as it may result in execution of an innocent person. Capital punishment can do undoable harm by punishing an innocent person therefore it is not a desirable practice. State
5 pages (1250 words)Research Paper
Position paper on capital punishment
The issue of capital punishment has been under serious debate for quite some time. Surveys reveal that there are many people who support capital punishment for various reasons, and there are
5 pages (1250 words)Research Paper
Capital punishment
This was known as Capital Punishment. Capital punishment is a highly debatable issue in present time. Though it was much more prevalent till the 19th century in
8 pages (2000 words)Research Paper
Should Capital Punishment Be Abolished
ty is not an absolute punishment that must be given to inmates as there might be innocent people who are wrongfully accused and are therefore convicted. These people do not deserve to be executed. Moreover, death penalty is financially impractical. It is too costly for a
5 pages (1250 words)Research Paper
of proportionality (a notion in justice stating that the reaction ought to fit the action), the deliberate murder of an innocent individual rightly justifies the premeditated execution of the criminal by the state. Without justice, persons may take justice into their own hands (Landauer & Rowlands, 2001). Death sentence is also appropriate since it leads to deterrence. By executing criminals, the state inflicts fear in other potential criminals such that they dread facing execution if caught committing similar crimes (Robinson, 2009). Given that the highest interest of the public is to prevent murder and other offenses, it is necessary to make use of the toughest punishment available, death penalty, to dissuade criminals (Deathpenaltycurriculum.org, 2000). Another reason for the support of death penalty is the fact that it reduces costs. Instead of incarcerating criminals for a long time thereby going through a scrupulous legal system that involves never-ending appeals and delays in pronouncing a death sentence verdict, the government should execute them at once and use its money in more profitable undertakings. Incarceration is very costly and should not be applied on criminals involved in capital offenses. Again, it is very lenient to such criminals (Capitalpunishmentuk.org, N.d). Another argument in favor of death sentence has to do with retribution. This is one of the strongest arguments and it points to a rational reaction to crime sponsored by the state, which is warranted for the reason that when a person commits crime, the victim is the state. In other words, when harmed, the government is warranted to seek out justice in order to re-balance the justice scales that the criminal inclined to his or her benefit while committing the offense (Robinson, 2009). As Cavadino and Dignan (2007) explain, retribution brings punishment to the offender in terms of


Capital punishment, also known as death penalty, is a very contentious topic. Peikrishvili (2004) asserts that it is a very sensitive subject, touching the deepest instincts of people including the notions of honor, fear, hatred, as well as revenge. …
Should capital punishment be abolished
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