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Capital Punishment Should Not Be Legal and Should Be Abolished - Essay Example

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An author of the essay "Capital Punishment Should Not Be Legal and Should Be Abolished" will critically discuss why capital punishment should not be acceptable. The writer shall analyze the financial, legal, ethical as well as social perspectives on the issue of capital punishment.
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Capital Punishment Should Not Be Legal and Should Be Abolished
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Extract of sample "Capital Punishment Should Not Be Legal and Should Be Abolished"

Download file to see previous pages Those who support capital punishment most often claim that it is justified in a case when the criminal had committed a grave violent crime since it will help to protect the society against antisocial individuals who are likely to commit the crime again. Most offenders involved in criminal life usually return to their previous way of life after being released from prison so capital punishment is also the method of protecting the relatives of the victims or other subjects on which the criminal might want to take revenge. There is also an argument for capital punishment connected with financial grounding: since most criminals who are executed might otherwise be convicted to life imprisonment which is expensive and is paid from taxes so taxpayers have the right to demand capital punishment of the criminals who had committed grave violent crimes. Some countries accept this argumentation while others reject the death penalty as the type of retribution completely. Generally, the world tendencies show that capital punishment as the way of retribution is getting less and less popular all over the world.
Though in some cases capital punishment seems to be a justified verdict, especially when children and women become victims, there are still strong counterarguments. Among the most persuasive arguments against the death penalty, it is necessary to mention the conviction of innocent which is quite common because of the inability of the judicial system to prove someone`s guilt in all the cases. Moreover, wrongfulness and immorality of retribution with the help of death as the way of punishment are also criticized because it makes the judicial system use the same methods. And finally, the inability of capital punishment to deter other criminals from murdering makes this method of punishment unjustified. The combination of these arguments makes the death penalty a rather archaic and irrelevant in our times.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Capital Punishment Should Not Be Legal and Should Be Abolished Essay - 3, n.d.)
Capital Punishment Should Not Be Legal and Should Be Abolished Essay - 3.
(Capital Punishment Should Not Be Legal and Should Be Abolished Essay - 3)
Capital Punishment Should Not Be Legal and Should Be Abolished Essay - 3.
“Capital Punishment Should Not Be Legal and Should Be Abolished Essay - 3”.
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