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Child Poverty in Australia - Article Example

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In the paper “Child Poverty in Australia,” the author describes the situation when his family has been undergoing serious financial crises after the sad demise of my kind father two years ago. Since he was the head as well as the only earning hand of our family, his sudden death brought poverty…
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Child Poverty in Australia
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Extract of sample "Child Poverty in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages I am the eldest daughter of the family, where we all the four children are school students of different grades. Since my father had not made huge investments, we get only $1700 from insurance and other little security benefits. Hence, our family is leading a life of poverty, where we are not in a position to meet our expenditures on the one hand and are also unable to fulfill the demands of having the respectable standard of living in society. Poverty is where people have unreasonably low living standards compared with others; cannot afford to buy necessities, such as a refrigerator for example; and experience real deprivation and hardship in everyday life." (McClelland, 2000) Being a diabetic and heart patient as well, my mother is unable to continue her previous job at a hospital as a receptionist. Being under eighteen years of age, my mother does not allow any of the children to seek out any type of job by putting aside our studies. Thus, we have to decrease our expenditures to keep the wolf from the door. According to the US Statistical Bureau, in Hawaii Island, a five-member family is leading life below the poverty line provided its annual income is below $30,100 or $2508 per month approximately. (Federal Register, 2011) A large part of our income is spent on the basic expenditures including food, clothing, utility bills, traveling and transportation, health and fitness and purchase of books and stationery etc related to our studies. We also have to pay the house rent $510 per month, which is more than one-third of our total monthly income. Food is the second priciest item for us, which requires at least $700 per month for the family of five members for a very ordinary diet. Our traveling to school and visit of the nearby market also require $150, while healthcare and regular check uptake $100 monthly. We also need extra money for recreational activities, attending and visiting the relations, friends, and neighbors. The entire state of affairs makes over $2300 per month to make both ends meet while living in the capital city of Hawaii Island. Consequently, we need $600 additional amount from the state in the form of aid in order to overcome our household, studies, health and transport expenditures. The US Department of Human Services has introduced two programs for the poverty alleviation, which include Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) And Temporary Assistance to Other Needy Families (TAONF). These programs are designed to protect those who cannot work and to require those who are able to work to do so. (BESSD) Hence, the program not only protects the deserving families from degradation and humiliation but is also supportive in enabling their children to establish by completing their education and seeking jobs subsequently. The program offers health security and free medical check-up and treatment of diseases to the needy families leading their life below the poverty line. The program is meant for five years time period, during which at least one member of the deserving family becomes capable of earning his bread for the entire family. Furthermore, my family will not stick to be dependent on the state only. On the contrary, all of us will try our best to explore the ways of generating money through various resources.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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