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A proposal for a research:The effect of the London Olympics on the residents of East Londonand a Reflective Analysis - Essay Example

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Reflexive Analysis - Assuming that I am doing the resit work because I was unable to complete the original CW successfully Learning objectives for This Module While studying this module I have had some predetermined learning objectives in my mind. In fact, these learning objectives always push me in right direction while making research on any particular subject…
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A proposal for a research:The effect of the London Olympics on the residents of East Londonand a Reflective Analysis
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Extract of sample "A proposal for a research:The effect of the London Olympics on the residents of East Londonand a Reflective Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Again I am very much interested in learning how to formulate a research proposal regarding the organization that is my subject matter during my research. Additionally, my learning objectives are focused on to achieve the goals and objectives as defined by my tutor for the research proposal. All these things made me to formulate the way by which I can successfully perform the small research assignments. Overall, all these learning objectives help me to grow myself as a professional and constructive critique as well as develop a unique insight to identity my limits and strengths. Other learning objectives for this module are the development of research skills within me and performing the given tasks within given time limit. And last but not the least, learning how to work as a team and derive results while working together. Up to where I was successful in accomplishing those objectives through the  learning process I have been through with my basic preparation and research material required. I was very close to submit my research on the specified topic I was given but because of some personal problem, I was facing at that moment, I couldn’t be able to submit my research proposal within the given time period. ...
Ways I have contribute to the Learning Process Contribution to the Learning process is not a tough task only things you need to do is to complete everything with the hard work. I have divided my hard work in different specified areas like researching, preparing notes, studying, concentrating in seminars and in various knowledgeable fields, preparing research reports and many other things. And I have done all these things in a well specialized pattern or you can say in a step wise format. Firstly I was regular to the seminars so that I can gain lots of knowledge about the work done there. Next I have made a note of daily activities done in seminars as this has helped me in preparing my reports. I have worked on different small projects so that I can gain knowledge in every field related to my project. Besides doing theoretical work I was be able to do some practical work as practical work increases the knowledge power and also it has helped me to become a professional. Along with all these things I kept myself updated with the things done in seminars as there are many new developments done and they remain regularly updated on internet. So I have made research on them and gain as much knowledge as I could. I have chosen a topic of my choice and done team work on it. This team work helped me to get the views and knowledge of other members involved in the project and therefore I gained mastery. After these entire things I have prepared a research report on the topic in which I have done my research. Making research report is not an easy task. I have kept lots of things while doing my research: I have worked according to a pattern given by my mentors. I have included my researches, field works, group works, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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