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Abortion Sociology - Essay Example

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Issues about life are always controversial as this impact personal, subjective and moral views. One of the issues pertaining to life is abortion and this is made even more debatable because of the different perspectives fighting against each other…
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Abortion Sociology Essay
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Download file to see previous pages Key terms here are life and choice, two very important concepts in one’s own personal and subjective opinion. This paper aims to understand the current trends in the perspective on abortion. Also, this paper will show how abortion may be beneficial or detrimental for the people who undergo such procedure. It is important to compare and contrast the views of the different groups as these debating groups impact the decision-making of the woman in the position of deciding whether or not to undergo the procedure. There are various reasons women choose to have abortion. The fact remains, though, that no matter what the reason may be, it is a very disturbing and stressful experience (Faundes & Barzelatto, 2006). Most common reasons of abortion are the following: absence of the father, financial constraints, inability to provide good parenting or interference with life prospects, conflict with prevailing social norms, health concerns, and lack of social support (Faundes & Barzelatto, 2006). Looking at the most common reasons, it can be summarized that abortion becomes a choice when there is no or less benefit that the mother and child can find in pursuing the pregnancy. When the pregnancy becomes an emotional, psychological, physical and financial burden, then the pregnancy becomes unwanted. ...
al., 2003). In contrast, Eastern Europe and developing countries show a trend of abortion in married women and women with children, often with several children, to space and to end childbearing (Singh, et. al., 2003). For most industrialized countries, women are getting more involved in creating a name for themselves through their careers. Thus, childbearing might mean their professional development will suffer or get delayed. With this, women resort to abortion because they feel that their pregnancy will interfere with their life prospects. This clearly suggests that the reason for abortion is merely a personal choice and not because there is something crucial or detrimental for the mother or the child. In this, I agree with the pro-life advocates wherein they believe that every child has the right to be born and to be loved. In developing countries, where there is a great population of families consisting of more than three kids, women resort to abortion because they feel that their financial and emotional capacity to support more children will hamper the development of the child they are carrying. This indicates that it is more of a consideration for the welfare of the child. Although the reason also suggests that there is an irresponsibility in their sexual practices. Although I agree with the part that having more children without the financial and emotional capacity to provide for their needs is detrimental not just to the incoming child’s development but also for the entire family, I still believe that this is not enough reason to choose abortion. And with this, I will have to agree with the pro-life advocates that it is not the choice of the baby that he is created and with this, he has the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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