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Different views on abortion - Essay Example

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Difference in people’s opinions, whether at personal levels or as groups in a society, generates debates into conflicts. The extent of divergence of opinions is particularly felt in cases where such issues are contemporary…
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Different views on abortion
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will present observations over the subject from both societal and religious points of view and use functionalist theory for analysis. Abortion as perceived by the society The issue of abortion has, and continues to raise mixed reactions from the society with some people calling for more strict regulations to control abortion while others hold the belief that the current rules over abortion should be upheld. A survey that was conducted by the New York Times in collaboration with CBS News for example indicates that a majority of women in the United States supports the current rules over abortion. This opinion was similarly reported among democratic politicians. The two groups held the opinion that abortion should be a personal decision. Public opinion over abortion has been held, in consistency, among different groups and the trend in perception is expected to continue. Surveys as conducted over the past two decades have consistently reported that less than 25 percent of the society prefers illegalization of abortion. The remaining percentage has over time varied in opinions on whether abortion should be allowed under strict regulations or whether it should not be regulated at all. A majority of members of the society however prefers that strict measures be enforced with respect to abortion. The republicans in the United States’ political environment together with men in the extensive society have, and contrary to the opinions held by both women and the democrats, called for strict regulations to be enforced over abortion. The level of consistency in the opinions held with respect to abortion indicates that the debate will continue to divide opinions in the society. The society therefore uses debates to promote both opinions, for and against abortion (Thee, p. 1). Abortion as perceived by the church The church however holds a unanimous opinion with respect to abortion. The general religious opinion is that abortion should be discouraged. As a result, the church, through its advisory role has made efforts to persuade women against abortion. A group of religious leaders in Glasgow has for example been on the forefront with a campaign to convince expectant women not to carry out abortions. The church has however adopted a softer ground towards its position on the issue. While the society’s debate is based on conflict over the rule of law to either regulate or allow for abortion, the church’s approach is based on a person’s conscience. As a result, church initiatives focus on educating women against abortion and helping those who have undertaken abortion to cope with their condition. In its reaction to the current trend in abortion, the church believes that abortion is uncalled for because women do it without substantial reasons apart from the fact that they do not want to have the children. Abortion, from the church’s perspective, is therefore done as a contraceptive rather that out of necessity (Campbell, p. 1). The functionalist theory and the abortion issue The functionalist theory postulates on the conditions under which a society can operate in unity and harmony. According to the theory, the minority groups as well as women are obliged to conform to the general perception of the society. A deviant opinion would lead to a destabilized society with unresolved conflicts. The main concept of the functionalist theory is therefore the assimilation factor of the minority towards harmony. This means that the minorities as well as women are supposed to sacrifice their opinions, regardless of their convictions over the opinions, and to conform to the generally upheld values of the majority. The functionalis ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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