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Is Pornography Harmful Research Paper - Essay Example

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Is Pornography Harmful: A Sociology Research Paper Is Pornography Harmful: A Sociological Research Paper (Date Submitted) Is Pornography Harmful? Abstract Pornography has been a long time debate among sectors of the society…
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Is Pornography Harmful Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The study had dissected the reasons of both liberal minded and conservative groups on their stand regarding the harm of pornography to include some related literature to support each argument. Included in the argument of the liberal minded groups are the reasons pointing pornography as not harmful instead it displays the beauty of art and as a choice while conservative groups included discussion on the harm pornography can bring to children and women. Introduction The term pornography alone seems to be as controversial as its meaning since it is defined in many ways. To have a consensus of what pornography is, it is describe as a media material that involves visual, verbal images, organs, and depiction of behavior relating to sex that may intensify sexual urge. For the past several years, pornography has been observed to have proliferated not only in reading materials but more especially on websites. For every second, there are 28,258 users online with 372 of them looking for terms related to adult search ( It brought a new opportunity for business enthusiasts to create pornographic videos in matters of minutes because of the income it can yield in seconds. However, the magnitude of pornography had created varied reactions. Liberal minded people consider it as a form of art, and a choice however conservative groups look at it as harmful owing to what it can do to children and women. Review of Related Literature Arguments Refuting that Pornography is Harmful Everyday, we hear people complain of the nude scenes and photographs posted in the internet but to artists, those visual images of organs and photos of men and women are a form of art. Artists claim that nudity is an expression and communication of their feelings but not to offend nor harm other people. To them, their work of art becomes harmful only when the viewers attest lust in it when it is their intention to display beauty and wonder. This might be the reason why artists employed nudity in their visual arts during the Renaissance period. Until today, schools of art cannot do away with nude photographs owing to the beauty it portrays. This notion is supported with the article entitled “Nudity: art or pornography” (2011) where it mentioned that it is difficult to find school these days not offering nude model to refer to for their students. It further stated that warriors train without clothes to display their muscles believed to depict heroic, divine, and athleticism. In addition, the article claims that the erect penis demonstrate manhood as it shows a powerful magic of elated man. Written materials like Kama Sutra are purposely for sexual experience alone and not for obscenity. All of these make nudity an art and not in any way harmful to viewers. Liberal minded people still implied that pornography is a choice and in no way harmful to anyone involved. Everyone is free to make her own fate (Raven, 2011). If a woman posed nude, it is because she agreed to do it. Actresses and actors of pornographic magazines and sites voluntarily submit themselves. It might not be the best choice but the individual involved is making a choice on what she wants to do with her life. It might be the only option for the person to earn a living to survive a family. According to a functionalist perspective, this form of job occurs in the society to signal the inadequacy of the government to provide jobs for those who do not have too much choice. In addition, the presence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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