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Discuss the Factors that Contribute to the Problem of Pornography, Including How Pornographic and Obscene Materials Affect Men - Essay Example

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Every day, in millions of newspaper around the world, millions of people read news about sexual violence, sexual deviance, and child trafficking. So much news about so much crime leads one to wonder where all these things come from. …
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Discuss the Factors that Contribute to the Problem of Pornography, Including How Pornographic and Obscene Materials Affect Men
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Extract of sample "Discuss the Factors that Contribute to the Problem of Pornography, Including How Pornographic and Obscene Materials Affect Men"

Download file to see previous pages Why have our instincts enslaved us so? What is the cause of such crimes?
This report believes the reason to be heightened pornography in today's world. Statistics made with regard to a few respected organizations, show that every minute almost $3,075.64 is being spent or rather wasted on pornography. Every minute, 28,258 people see porn. Meanwhile minute 372 people search for terms related to porn on the internet (Internet Pornography Staistics, 2011).
Pornography is a truly huge business, sweeping even large companies like Google, EBay and Microsoft under the rug when it comes to revenues earned annually. So much economics leads one to think what pornography is? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it means:
"Sexual excitement caused due to erotic behavior shown in pictures”
Sociological perspective of pornography
Pornography is so much on the rise these days, and constitutes a major part of our society, so researchers set out to link sets of different perspectives to define the behavior of pornography and its effects on societies. Here the report defines the different perspectives that have been used in to describe pornography along with their weaknesses and strengths (Three major perspectives in Sociology, 2000-2011):
1. Structural functionalism: This perspective represents different dependant parts of the society which separately contribute to the worki8nbg to the society as a whole. For example, the children study in schools paid by governments, but they grow up and get jobs on the basis of this education to serve the same government in return. Functionalists believe that any individual society is secured within its bounds by cohesion, and social consensus. Different members of the society agree on these and work together for the best of the society. This perspective gained popularity the 1940s and 1950s. It is most popular amongst the American sociologists. We see that the American functionalists are more intent on figuring out the human behavior while European functionalists focus on finding the internal working of social order. In functionalism, the approach taken by the sociologists concentrates on the rapport between the functions of the entire society and the functions of the individual smaller parts. Functionalism is more often criticized as it neglects the negative aspects of any event and puts forward the positive or the less harmful ones. It is also criticized that this functionalism justifies the complacency and the status quo of the society. Functionalism does not require that the society change itself for the betterment of the social environment even if they see that changing will do them good. 2. Conflict theory: This perspective justifies itself by highlighting the negative aspects of a society or the negative effects of an event on the society unlike the other two perspectives. This perspective talks about the ever-changing and conflicting nature of the society. The functionalists avoid changing the social setup, and stand-by the status quo, the conflict theorists encourage changing of the social setup and go against the status quo very strongly. Most of the American sociologists ignore the functionalism in favor of conflict perspective. These days, most of the sociologists, put conflict theory to test where ever they see potential for racial political, gender, or religious inequality. They say that unequal parties have conflicting values causing them to fight. This fighting gives rise to changes in the social setup of any society which is essential for the growth of the society. This perspective is criticized by saying that the negative points of any society are taken out and diagnosed. 3. Symbolic interactionism: This perspective allows sociologists to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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