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Social Interaction in Marketing - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Name and Number Date Social Interaction Can you hear me now? This particular catchphrase, used in cell phone commercials, became an important part of pop culture. Perhaps it was due to the fact that it represented America’s strong desire to communicate and interact with each other and the ever changing methods of doing so due to the evolution of technology…
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Social Interaction in Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages There are few things that have impacted social interaction as much as technology has within the past two decades. According to the book entitled Social Interaction, “social interaction is one of the most important kinds of human behavior and must depend on the same neurophysiological and cognitive processes as other behaviors”(Argyle). Before technology became such an vital part of this process, there were several integral elements of interactions between humans such as posture, body language, inflection, and facial expressions (Argyle). As a matter of fact, non verbal communication is even more important in social interaction than that of the actual verbal communication. This is due to the fact that non verbal cues are essential to understanding the importance and meanings of specific interactions. Social interaction has an extremely important role within society. According to the article entitled “Detecting Social Interaction of Elderly in a Nursing Home Environment” social interaction is extremely beneficial to the overall wellbeing of those within a society: “We interact with others in various ways that influence our status and roles in social communities”(Chen, et al). ...
According to the article entitled “Classroom Interpreting,” teaching children how to socially interact has a great deal of importance to development as “children acquire language and vocabulary during interactions with others”( “Fostering Peer Interaction”). Likewise, on a more personal level, “peer interaction serves as the foundation for many important aspects of emotional development such as the development of self-concept, self-esteem and identity”(“Fostering Peer Interaction”). Overall, social interaction plays a major part in molding a person into who they will be throughout their entire lives. Due to the importance placed upon social interaction as a whole, society tends to think fairly positively about the subject. Social relationships are still deemed to be increasingly important to a person’s overall health and well being. However, there are clues that society is moving away from an interactive one to a more isolative one. This has been done with technology as can be seen when visiting the library or grocery store where self-checkout machines have replaced the interaction that once took place between a worker and a customer. Additionally, the prevalence of online shopping has further added to this effect. According to an article entitled “Decline in Face to Face Contact Linked to Biological Changes in Humans as Social Networking Increases,” “children now spend more time in the family home alone in front of TV/computer screens than doing anything else”(Sigman). The same is true for adults as “an increasing proportion of men and women are living alone during their ‘mating years’ having far fewer social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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