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Feral Children - Essay Example

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Since centuries, huge numbers of sociologists and experts have continued to put efforts to inquire about different human characteristics and behaviors that enabled the human society to understand about the human nature in a significant manner. …
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Feral Children
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Download file to see previous pages particular, sociologists and experts have categorized individuals according to their social settings, in this regard; feral children (Newton, pp. 20-22) are those children that are unable to acquire a human interact during their early years. Thus, according to sociological observations, they go through the process of social learning in the presence of non-human subjects resulting in non-human characteristics and behaviors. This evidently supports the notion of “man is a social animal” (Candland, pp. 40-41), and due to acquisition of non-human behaviors, feral children, although very rare in the human history, they have been successful in inclining sociologists and experts toward them.
When talking about non-human subjects, experts have always found wild animals nurturing human children in absence of their human guardians, which itself is an interesting phenomenon, as reports have mostly considered wild animals as dangerous for the human race. However, this nurturing of children by wild animals has resulted in creation of a new category of feral children that have continued to attract sociologists and anthropologists throughout the human history. Analysis (Candland, pp. 23-29) has indicated that since early 1600s, there have been only forty cases of feral children that indicates the extraordinary nature of such cases, still, sociologists believe that feral children have been very useful in facilitating sociologists in answering a number of queries related to human social learning that were unanswered before them. The paper will now attempt to include some of the examples of feral children that will be effective in understanding the impact of non-human or sub-human subjects and objects on social learning of human children. One famous example is of John Ssebunya of Uganda (Stanley & Cochran, pp. 24). In the year 1991, a villager found John with a group of monkeys in the jungle, and with the help of villagers, John was member of the village again as some of the villagers identified him as one of the children of a villager who disappeared after killing John’s mother. In addition, villagers observed unusual things in John (Stanley & Cochran, pp. 24). Although he had a black skin, his knees were all white as he used to walk on them. Secondly, John’s nails were very elongated and untidy, and uncommonly, some of his favorite foods were potatoes, roots, nuts, and kasava. It took a long time for villagers to humanize him, however, John continued to remember those five monkeys who taught him different things, travelled with him, and taught him to climb trees (Stanley & Cochran, pp. 24). Social Learning Theory (Ormrod, pp. 23-29) is an efficient theory to understand abovementioned example of John Ssebunya. In particular, the theory (Ormrod, pp. 23-29) advocates the significant role of observations in learning capability of the humans and individuals. In this regard, social learning theories have indicated that when individuals observe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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