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Sociology for Work Assignment Three - Essay Example

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Running head: Sociology for Work Assignment Three Insert Name Insert Insert 15th. June 2011 Sociology for Work 1.0 Definition of Terms 1.1 Outsourcing Outsourcing in an organization mainly occurs when the company hires other people from outside their organization to work on certain tasks…
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Sociology for Work Assignment Three
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Download file to see previous pages Outsourcing leads to a company obtaining expertise skills that were not available before, hence improving performance in an organization. For instance, if an accounting firm is short of personnel to work on tax and auditing, then the firm can decide to outsource for additional resources for a certain period of time at a favorable cost. 1.2 The Hawthorne effect Hawthorne effect can be described as a short-term improvement resulting from observing an employee’s performance by his superiors (Khurana, 2009 pp 139). Such improvement may arise from teamwork; for instance, when a human resource department undergoes change in management, employees’ productivity may rise when they are convinced that this new management is keen in observing their productivity, compared to the previous management. 2.0 Technology Technology is mainly responsible for the creation of new jobs and for elimination of some jobs (chapter 9, pp 207). Mayo clinic is a health care organization that caters for patients, however, due to the change in technology, this organization has adopted advanced technology that has led to $22 billion impact on the economy. The clinic has led to job opportunities of over 57,000 employees and additional 94,000-fulltime jobs, as well as provided highly specialized clinical services in different states of America (Battelle 2000, pp 1). Due to high technology used in the clinic, it has been able to identify fast tests that identify chronic allergic conditions. The clinic experts have also been able to diagnose Eosinophilic esophagitis. Mayo clinic also uses a 3D technology in its surgery operations that ensures accuracy and safety. It is however clear that the clinic has managed to succeed due to technology advancement and the hiring of experts, hence leading to the provision of employment in the United States. Having worked for Mayo clinic, advanced technology has proved to be its main objective in finding safe and fast solutions to patient’s conditions. 3.0 Global competition Despite Mayo clinic contributing highly towards the United States economy, it is also faced with the challenge of competition. Global competition in the health care industry is evident when many rich patients travel abroad to seek proper medical care at affordable prices and have a wide variety of choices to make on which clinic to attend. The main competitor’s of America’s health care industry is India, since it is known for its expertise in health care and low cost at the same time. According to Herrick (2007), a high percentage of American citizens travel abroad to seek medical attention, not because of lack of expertise in America, but in order to save on expenses. For instance, a cardiac surgery in America could cost $30,000 compared to the same surgery in India at only $4,000. As a result of stiff competition over the years in this industry, Mayo clinic has ensured that its clinics are distributed evenly even abroad; for instance, Mayo clinic of South Africa. Mayo clinic still flies high even today and it is evident that in the near future, this organization will grow and expand to even the developing countries, hence enabling it to compete effectively in international levels. 4.0 Job displacement and creation Technology can contribute to the creation of new jobs due to new skills required, however, it may also contribute to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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