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Discuss a socio-scientific issue using 4 socio-scientific peer-reviewed articles - Essay Example

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Socio-scientific Issues Socio-scientific issues encompasses a vigorous approach to knowledge; introducing science within a social perspective that motivates edification amongst the students. It is an issue that intends on the utilization of systematic subject matters related to science involving a complete discussion…
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Discuss a socio-scientific issue using 4 socio-scientific peer-reviewed articles
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Download file to see previous pages Dealing with socio-scientific issue directed learning entails observation of challenges and to investigate the controversy in scientific manner under highly ethical, social or under economical measures. It is a process that aids in formulating the position focused on the exploration. Various issues emerge in day-to-day life, they do require socio-scientific temperament for resolution. Some of the issues encompass: Depression- It is emerging as a leading cause of mental distress and suicides. Stress is not only confined to workplace but it also involves health issues. It is emerging as the psychological subject that is now taking a deep scientific understanding and is inviting a lot of research work. It is observed that treatment of depression encompass more of non-scientific aspects as compared to the scientific approaches. Treatment of depression is an amalgamation of these two approaches and therefore these socio-scientific approach is gaining prevalence in the recent era. The most prominent grouping to treat depression encompass- the psychological approach, the social as well as cultural approach and the medical approach. Thus, treatment of depression is the most prevailing paradigm of socio-scientific issues (Depression Treatments). ...
It is also postulated that by means of positive actions as well as attitude, individual's could possibly alter their mood and may relinquish depressive thoughts or temperament (Depression Treatments). Various anti-depressants are available in the market to get the cure for depression they are biologically as well as scientifically designed. Studies show that antidepressant production has enhanced immensely over the last decade and they are now more of SSRI's types i.e. selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (Depression Treatments). In context of depression treatment it is also observed that women in post-natal phase experiencing depression is normally unnoticed by health care providers. Understanding the scientific basis of depression provides a great help to overcome it. The scientific study involves tempo and understanding the type of depression if remain untreated or unnoticed may continue as child abuse or behavioral problems affecting the psychology of the child. If the health care providers judge depressed individual well on time and through application of knowledge provides a thrust to reduce disgust and also to overcome the feeling of being a failure, it is the biggest achievement to deal with socio-scientific issues. It is observed that depression is seen more in women with no issues as compared to the one in their post natal year. Identification of depression prevailing in the women by health care providers, aids in the gradual reduction of the depression. Moreover, in social scenario it is an achievement to identify the depressed women and counsel her after close monitoring. Identification of a depressed individual involves scientific application of knowledge while dealing with the depressed entity engages social norms (Sheppard, 1996). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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