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This paper looks into examples of the two types of socialization (intentional and unintentional) with a specific focus on children and adults in a family setting with reference to the R. M. Berns’s work “Child, family, school, community: Socialization and support”. …
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Intentional Socialization and Unintentional Socialization
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In a family setting and any other human interaction, there is more intentional socialization than unintentional. The basic reason for this is that people find communicating explicitly more effective especially to children. However, a great deal of communication of values is also done unintentionally towards children. This paper looks into examples of the two types of socialization with specific focus on children and adults in a family setting.
Examples of intentional socialization
In homes elder children are told to share items as well as space with their younger siblings. This is a clear and direct instruction that requires the said child to do a specific task. It instills the value of sharing within a family. An adult can also tell a child to say thank you after being given something or complimented (Berns, 2009). This teaches them how to be polite and appreciative of positive responses from people towards them. An adult can tell a child how to or not to behave while at the dinner table. This clearly states the expected table manners.
Examples of unintentional socialization
When parents or adults fight or throw insults in front of children they end up showing them how to resolve conflicts and how to speak when angered or frustrated. A child can watch an adult prepare for work in the morning for example by taking time to dress up smartly or put on makeup in front of a mirror. In the process they learn how to check oneself in the mirror to look smart although the adult is not intending to teach them anything in particular (Berns, 2009). A child may also come across two adults conversing and starts speaking to one of them after which they are told not to interrupt. The same child together with a friend are found conversing but told to stop and attend to certain tasks by the same adults. This tells them that it is alright for an adult to disrupt children but not the other way round.
Berns, R. M. (2009). Child, family, school, community: Socialization and support. Cengage Learning. Read More
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