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Ethical decisions in leadership - Essay Example

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In the given case, Karen Hathaway is confused as to who is to be selected for promotion from three potential candidates. While one is a male with excellent track record and long years of service in the company, one is an African-American divorcee woman who too possesses considerably high energy levels. …
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Ethical decisions in leadership
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Download file to see previous pages In the given case, Karen Hathaway is confused as to who is to be selected for promotion from three potential candidates. While one is a male with excellent track record and long years of service in the company, one is an African-American divorcee woman who too possesses considerably high energy levels. The third one is an Asian woman with dynamic management efficacies. The issue to be addressed here is to decide who is to be selected when there are three equally important candidates and out of them, two are minority women who deserve affirmative action (Garrett, 2009). In addition, all three have almost equal levels of support from top-management. Input At this juncture, it is necessary to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each of these candidates. First of all, Carmen is considered. Carmen is an African-American woman of 34. She is a divorcee and has a child. She has four years of experience in the company and eight years experience in the industry. However, she has below average educational record and an average work performance as a manager. She has certain problems in managing her staff, but as her child has medical problems, promotion will be helpful for her as there will be higher salary. Karen Hathaway is close to her, and is well aware of her financial needs. In addition, the public relations of the company feel that promoting Carmen would be a good idea. The second person is Ralph- a white married man of 57 having three children. He has excellent educational record and has long years of work experience in the company. He worked 20 years for the company and was consistent in his performance all these years. Though he possesses below average energy levels, many top performers of the company took birth under him. In addition, as he is nearing retirement, many people in the company believe that he deserves the promotion. The third person is Yingzi. She is an Asian woman of 27 and is single. She has excellent academic records. She has been with the company for three years and over this period, she has become famous for hard work and special management features. She has been dynamic throughout her career and even sued her previous employer. In addition, she has gained some criticism from the sales people working under her for her particular management style though she managed to reach record sales. However, she too receives support from top management people as she is engaged to an upper management individual’s son. The first issue to be addressed here is that of affirmative action. One is an African-American divorcee, and even the public relations of the company think that this would certainly give a boost to the public image of the company. In addition, Kant’s theory of categorical imperative (n.d.) calls for specialized attention towards females and minorities. In addition, it is generally alleged that females and minorities always face a glass ceiling when it comes to promotion to top management. However, in the field of management, the general notion is that it is necessary to give equal opportunity to candidates when considering for promotion. No factor including race or ethnicity should influence the decision making other than factors like ability and willingness to perform work. It is claimed that including other factors like gender and ethnicity will lead to the development of an unhealthy workplace. In addition, regarding affirmative action (as suggested in ‘Manager’s Guide to Understanding Affirmative Action’, 1996), the rule is that affirmative action does not mean that preference should be given based on a person’s minority or female status. In addition, it is pointed out that affirmative action does not require selecting an unqualified person for a position. Thus, in this particular case, it becomes evident that the two female managers do not need to be given special priority as far as their educational qualification, experience, performance, and skill are different. In addition, it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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