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Violence in the Media and Subsequent Aggression among the Youth - Essay Example

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This research paper has therefore been set out to critically analyze the relationship between violence in the media and aggressiveness in the youth. This shall be done by touching on three major themes which are effects of violence in the media on children, checking the media of violence and checking children against the impact of violence in the media…
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Violence in the Media and Subsequent Aggression among the Youth
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Extract of sample "Violence in the Media and Subsequent Aggression among the Youth"

Download file to see previous pages Sometimes, watching a single violent program can increase aggressiveness.” This is an undeniable fact as children by nature pick up behaviors and ideas they see around them quickly. Children are volatile and such fragile that they are easily influenced to copy things they see around them, including sciences and acts of violence in the media. With very little sense of judgment, children are much likely to apply specific acts they see on television and in films on their friends. The act of identifying children who are being influenced negatively by violence in the media is an important skill that every adult must possess. This is because when such influences are seen at early stages, it becomes easier to control and check such children against deepened influence of violence and aggression on their later lives. To this end, Taking IT Global (2011) puts forward certain signs that adults can look out for in children and the youth. Once children begin exhibiting such behavior, there is the need to parents and other adults to begin monitoring them. The group therefore states that “youth violence can take several forms: Verbal, psychological, and sexual forms of assault, gang violence, bullying, gender and harassment.” Checking the Media of Violence In fighting to avoid the negative impact of aggression on the future of children that is caused by violence in the media, the media itself should be the first point of call. Refusing to do this will be like the proverbial solider who does not put his own house in check but expects that the house of every other person is put to check. To check the media of violence, it is strongly advocated that...
This report approves that in trying to put the media to check, it is worth noting that parents and other adults who act as guardians have as much responsibility as the media houses. As a matter of fact, attempts made to check the media of violence will probably not work if parents refuse to play their own part of the role. As a fact, the act of identifying children who are being influenced negatively by violence in the media is an important skill that every adult must possess. This is because when such influences are seen at early stages, it becomes easier to control and check such children against deepened influence of violence and aggression on their later lives.
This pepar makes a conclusion that parents and adults are advised to be good models and mentors for their children. This is to say that if watching violence on TV is not good, then mum or dad should not watch it also. Children must not have a cause to think that parents are depriving them of good things because parents preach virtue but practice vice. Finally, it is important that children are engaged in useful activities and programs at home. This is because must children resort to television to following the media when they have nothing better doing. Putting children in reading and writing clubs, hobby clubs and other useful activities has the tendency of making children too busy to opt for television. Such activities also have the potential of teaching children the need to avoid violence on the media. Once children decide on their own reasoning not to follow violence in the media, it becomes almost impossible to steal this mentality from them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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