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Small group evaluation paper - Essay Example

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After the initial stage of group development, certain patterns or structures develop within the group. The boundary of a group consists of social norms, ethic, customs and obligations to which an individual member must conform as the price of inclusion…
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Small group evaluation paper
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, the objective of the essay is to present an examination of the roles and norms that existed in a permanent group in which one had participated. Specific examples of task oriented role, maintenance oriented role, norm and socioemotional role from Myers and Anderson’s “The Fundamentals of Small Group Communication” would be discussed.
Task Oriented Role
A. Description
Task roles emphasizes content, structure and goals. As a group member, the task oriented roles that I performed was as an information seeker or giver; one who requests or supplies factual material, objective data, information, or ideas. This is a crucial and significant role as it entails great responsibility in terms of providing accurate and correct information needed by the group in decision making and in working towards the accomplishment of group goals. My role unites and binds other task oriented roles in terms of ensuring that all data and information needed by the members could be provided by me at the time that this information are required and at the most accessible and accurate manner.
B. Analysis
At first, it was difficult to assume the role as an information seeker because one needs to look for appropriate sources of information that would be most useful at the given time frame. There is a learning period for this particular role. I was able to adapt to the demands of the role after two or three meetings as the information for decision making and to accomplish group goals rely on my ability to source them at the soonest possible time. People who assume roles as information seeker must be resourceful and innovative to find ways and means to solicit as much information as needed that would help in the accomplishment of group activities....
C. Evaluation One personal evaluation of task roles is that they greatly assisted in defining order and direction for the group through the responsibilities that are clearly expected from each member. Task roles are crucial to be identified and stated in every group so provide guidance and appropriate direction towards the achievement of group goals. Maintenance Role A. Description Maintenance or socioemotional roles support and nurture the group. I assumed the role of an encourager; one who helps develop and maintain a friendly, warm, acceptive, and realaxed atmosphere. An encourager is instrumental in enhancing group cohesiveness and warmth by giving praises and openly accepting the ideas of others. B. Analysis I find my role as an encourager both challenging and rewarding. It is challenging because I have to ensure that cohesiveness is developed among members of the group. In a cohesive group, I was made aware that members are attracted to each other and must engage in frequent social interaction. I made sure that we share positive feelings about the group, in general and that I am protective of its existence. C. Evaluation As indicated by Martires (111), “high group cohesiveness may result in either high or low levels of group performance. When standards of performance are high, performance is high, if the degree of cohesiveness is high”. Therefore, as much as possible, we strive to set a high standard for our performance so that all our activities and goals are consistent and we would achieve our objectives at the most effective way. As an encourager, I give motivation and words of acknowledgement and praise to uplift the spirits of group members. By doing so, members are more happy and satisfied on working towards group ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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