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The Pain And Suffering Of The Voiceless People In Cinema - Essay Example

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The writer of the paper "The Pain And Suffering Of The Voiceless People In Cinema" discusses how the film “War Dance" is effective in conveying the hopeful message to the audience about the truth of how the children struggle for survival in the camp of Patongo…
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The Pain And Suffering Of The Voiceless People In Cinema
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Download file to see previous pages The necessity of resorting to non-verbal communication is indeed apparent in the film, for the obvious reason that the perceived victims in the film are voiceless and powerless. In the absence of words, what is left for them is body language, through dance accompanied by music. The definition of dance as a form of expression that uses bodily movements that are rhythmic, patterned, sometimes improvised, found in every culture and is performed for purposes ranging from the ceremonial, liturgical and magical to the theatrical, social and simply aesthetics (Britannica 2011), relatively connects with the film. The music that was devoid of words and the dances were quite entertaining in the film. The movements were expressive, which was demonstrative of the reflex response of the children when in danger, which is to either flee or let go to hide the fear. The choreography is in support of the desire of the captured children to immediately do something about the negative emotion bottled up inside their system, which they hope to free. The competition in the capital city of Kampala was again entertaining, the excitement can be likened to the much-talked-about worldwide show, “American Idol.” Through their participation in that competition, they were out to prove that they can be giants amidst the suffering in their real life. The value of the dance however in this film and the beats of the drums, set some limitation concerning the messages that are needed to be said in public, which at times, only words can do. Emotionally, in a personal context for the children, they were able to pretend that everything can be alright, but in general, the hope for help and call for rescue are quite elusive. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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