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Understanding child abuse in America - Essay Example

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Child abuse might be a sexual assault, emotional battering or physically attack. In United States CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, explains child abuse as an act or a series of act by parents, guardians or caregivers that further result in harm or danger of any harm to a kid…
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Understanding child abuse in America
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"Understanding child abuse in America"

Download file to see previous pages Child abuse is a term that implies on children who are mistreated or neglected.Child abuse might be a sexual assault, emotional battering or physically attack. In United States CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, explains child abuse as an act or a series of act by parents, guardians or caregivers that further result in harm or danger of any harm to a kid. So we may see whatever the reasons are and whoever the person involved creating abusive behavior towards a child, child abuse is extremely deteriorating condition which may further produce harmful impacts on the over life of a child. Most of the organizations working for the protection of children further conclude that child abuse most often occurs at home by parents or caregivers.Anyways it may also occur in schools and organizations where a child goes time to time. According to social workers who are serving in these areas, the amount is smaller as compared to those children getting abused at homes by their close relatives. Furthermore, it is also important to understand that there are several categories of child abuse. Each category has its own effects on the overall live of a child. So, four major groups in this regard include, neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse. Nowadays several organizations and associations are actively working for child protection all over the world. Under these organizations, hundreds of social workers are vigorously participating. However, a social worker always needs the cooperation of any of the family whose child gets abusive behavior from adults. Evaluation of home environment is extremely important for a social worker to carry out final and correct assessment. He/ she should be very well aware about the people living within a home, culture of a home, employment level, health and fitness of individuals especially mental health and educational background. These indicators finally combine and help to carry out correct assessment. Here is a short interview from Dr. Umair Qamar Usmani who has been working as child specialist and active social worker for child care and protection. He has also gone through the implementation of various projects forward and planned by United Nations. Recently, completing his specialization degree in cancer but extremely interested worker as far as child care and protection is concerned. So, a brief description of the interview is enclosed here: Q1: What do you think why children mostly get abused by their elders? Dr: Before everything, it is very important to understand that abuse can happen anytime in any family. There are no special characteristics in this regard. However, we may say that there are certain families who are more prone to this act. For example, families who are usually isolated and have least number of friends or those who do not like gatherings and meetings. Such isolated family members might be at greater risk to get abusive behavior. Moreover, child abuse is also a common behavior among families passing through severe money problems or crisis. Parents who are very critical in approach towards their children and those who show rigid behavior also face difficulty in normal growth and development of their children. It is also important to recognize that too little and too much concerns can also worsen the situation. Sometimes stress also motivate parents to show abusive behavior towards their children. Q2: So when you suspect that a child is abused, what strategy do you prefer to get enough information from a child? Dr: If we suspect any kind of abuse, we always prefer a direct meeting with a child. As child is an individual who can provide us the maximum possible and relevant information regarding abusive behavior. However, it is also vital aspect to keep in mind that elders should always be polite. They should not beat or harm a child. They should even realize a child that he is not bad at all. However, it is a fact that parents’ cooperation is always required to collect enough informatio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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