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Affirmative action is one of the most controversial topics that is widely debated in the modern century. The beginnings of affirmative action can be traced as far as the 1960’s. President Johnson himself proclaimed, “"[Affirmative Action] is the next and more profound stage of the battle of Civil Rights! …
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White Americans opposition to affirmative action
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Since the ending of WWII, minorities and women were continuously being denied of opportunities that could further enhance their growth. Affirmative action in essence means giving preferential treatment to diverse groups in society either for academic or employment purposes. These policies are targeted to combat discrimination that has plagued American societies for centuries. Without a doubt, America is referred as a “melting pot” as many individuals come from diverse backgrounds. While affirmative action is a bold attempt to atone the sins of past decades, Affirmative action needs to be eliminated since it leads to preferential treatment, lowers standards for performance, and leads to reverse discrimination. One of the main reasons why affirmative actions should be eliminated is due to the fact that it leads to preferential treatment. Imagine a scenario in which a Caucasian and a minority both apply for a high-qualification job. For the sake of the argument, the Caucasian is more qualified as he is a certified public accountant, has more job experience, and is skilled in particular software. On the other hand, a minority has lower qualifications, less qualification, and lacks in social skills. Now the dilemma the employer must face is—who deserves the position? Clearly, the Caucasian individual is well-suited and will tremendously benefit the company. However, affirmative action protocols clash against the employer’s moral choice. ...
In the modern world, the difference of small percentage in margin revenue is critical. Thus, building a strong foundation of any organizations begins with its employees. Hence, the affirmative action rule is illogical since it disregards the value of qualifications based upon a minority status. Another key reason why affirmative actions should be eliminated is because it leads to unnecessary standards of guidelines. Unquestionably, it is demeaning to “just give” positions to minorities as this speaks in a larger volume. In essence, giving preferential treatment displays the notion that minorities lack intellect and cannot achieve success through their own capabilities. Instead, they must be facilitated through legislation in order to help them reach a higher level. This outlook gives the perception that that the advancement of the minority must be given through affirmative action rather than work ethic and ability. A perfect example of how an individual can achieve success is clearly displayed by Barack Obama. Obama, an individual with mixed descent, is now the president of the United States of America through hard work, supreme intellect, and determination. Another prime example of a successful black person In the society is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is extremely wealthy, has power and prestige due to her work ethic. One cannot assume that her success relied on her being a minority and thus gaining preferential treatment. Minorities that are willing to work hard will no doubt be rewarded for their work ethic. The enactment of the legislation continues to have adverse effects even in the modern society. The opportunities to excel in a society are endless and discrimination is dissolved ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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