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Gentrification is an important issue regarding urban development. Gentrification allows for wealth to inhibit an area that was once a lower income community. Inhibiting the area with more wealth means higher rent, increase in taxes and many other issues associated with gentrification…
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Research Proposal Gentrification is an important issue regarding urban development. Gentrification allows for wealth to inhibit an area that was once a lower income community. Inhibiting the area with more wealth means higher rent, increase in taxes and many other issues associated with gentrification. It is best to approach gentrification as an issue that changes culture and urban development. In order to properly evaluate the issue, gentrification needs to be understood and seen as a problem. A problem being that gentrification negatively affects low income families and leaves many displaced and unfamiliar. The issue associated with gentrification creates broad public conversation. This is so since gentrification affects the history of a community, the people in it and the future outcome. Gentrification is not something that can happen overnight. Urban areas need to plan and discuss the affects that gentrification may have on a certain area. It needs to be determined whether or not gentrification will do more harm than good. Gentrification has also been explored within academic disciplines. Gentrification usually has a cause and this cause creates an affect. The affect changes an area and the lives of those in it. This changing creates different outcomes. This then leads to the importance of accepting gentrification as an academic discipline. Academic disciplines require the issue to be further studied. A working thesis allows for the ability to seek a direction in which the research would like to go. Further exploration of gentrification and the way it affects those of lower income is the direction of the thesis. Using the affects of gentrification and focusing on gentrification as a problem in the low income community will develop the need to research and explore different possibilities. The question will be answered in facts. Research and examples supporting the claim will be a main focus. Questioning gentrification will create counter argument. Others that support gentrification as an always positive change may counter argue that gentrification does not affect the low income population. Having accurate facts and examples will lower chances of others creating a strong counter argument. Gentrification Affects Low Income Families: An Annotated Bibliography Judith N, DeSena. "What's a Mother To Do?" Gentrification, School Selection, and the Consequences for Community Cohesion." The American Behavioral Scientist 50.2 (n.d.): 241-258. ProQuest: ABI/INFORM Complete (XML Gateway). EBSCO. Web. 4 Apr. 2011. The article is a great factual example of some of the affects that gentrification has on low income families. The article explains the issue through the viewpoint of a mother struggling with gentrification. The article focuses on gentrification in the Brooklyn area. Mothers and children of lower income families are struggling with having to adapt to schools. Many children feel as if they don’t fit in and the mothers of the children are left with feeling alone and helpless. This article is credible since the author has been studying gentrification for over 25 years. Facts like the ones presented in the article are great for the chosen working thesis. "EDITORIAL: Gentrification fears." Knight Ridder Tribune Business News (n.d.): 1. ProQuest: ABI/INFORM Complete (XML Gateway). EBSCO. Web. 4 Apr. 2011. The article is a great article as the focus is on fears that are associated with gentrification. The author focuses on the displacement that is caused by gentrification. Many low income families lose their former way of life and are lost in the midst of living amongst new individuals or being forced into an area they may not feel safe in. The article is a strong supporter of gentrification being heartless to the needs of low income families. PRESS E. The New Suburban Poverty. Nation [serial on the Internet]. (2007, Apr 23), [cited April 4, 2011]; 284(16): 18. Available from: MasterFILE Premier. This article is terrific at providing examples and facts about what gentrification has done too much of Americas families in suburban areas. The article stretches the idea and brings new perspective to the given research. Gentrification does affect low income families but also leaves middle income families left poorer and forced to live in suburban neighborhoods located outside of wealthier cities. This article is credible and on topic. The article provides adequate examples of gentrifications long tern affects. Anderson, George M. "Of Many Things." America 188.5 (2003): 2. Professional Development Collection EBSCO. Web. 4 Apr. 2011. The article shows what type of mental disorders are associated with gentrification throughout history. The affects of gentrification have been an issue since gentrification became popular. Gentrification has proven to cause mental disorders such as depression and an increased need for psychiatric hospitals. The article is a strong supporter of the thesis. The article is very credible as it outlines actual events that have happened in history. Read More
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