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Gentrification and Urban Neglect - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The "Gentrification and Urban Neglect" paper contains an annotated bibliography of such articles "Murder of a teenage boy on London Street exposes city’s great wealth divide" by Andrew Anthony, "Social housing and anti-gentrification campaigners disrupt Property Awards" by Nicola Slawson…
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Gentrification and Urban Neglect
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Extract of sample "Gentrification and Urban Neglect"

Download file to see previous pages Every country should have an equal share of the national resources irrespective of their skin color, religious and political affiliation. Comparing the pace at which development agendas are done in some parts of these urban centers and where blacks live, it leaves a lot to be desired.

There have been more laxity in the city when it comes to administration. The government has been occasionally failed to fulfill its role in ensuring the security of all citizens. Killings have been observed in streets and theft has become a common part of the day to day issues. The gangs have been left to control the city ghettos. The weak are left at the mercy of these goons running the suburbs of the city. I’m confident to say that every resident in this country contributes to the government development kitty. For instance, citizens pay tax. I do not see any reason why they should not be also be given good services such as the provision of adequate security and other social welfare issues that are supposed to be provided for by the government. It is with this note that I consider a change of government structure in terms of public administration.

The rent gap amongst the structures set up in towns is largely discouraging. In a way, it is encouraging social injustice that our grandparents fought hard to eradicate within society. Now the monster has returned with its tails spread to the social injustice of the government. For instance, a marginal rent gap has shown poor squeezed to the periphery of the city where they are just allowed to mingle with their poor fellows. The rich have segregated themselves towards one area where they enjoy their richness together with their families. One unforeseen result of this is an increase in social disparity and power distances that kept rising to the detriment of society. Social vices such as theft and crime become inevitable. The government should do more than what it is currently doing. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Gentrification and Urban Neglect Annotated Bibliography, n.d.)
Gentrification and Urban Neglect Annotated Bibliography.
(Gentrification and Urban Neglect Annotated Bibliography)
Gentrification and Urban Neglect Annotated Bibliography.
“Gentrification and Urban Neglect Annotated Bibliography”.
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