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The differences between Macro and Micro sociology - Essay Example

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In the paper “The differences between Macro and Micro sociology” the author analyzes two broad concepts Micro-sociology and Macro-sociology.  Micro sociology is the study of society at a microscopic level where everything can be ascertained in small parts.  …
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The differences between Macro and Micro sociology
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Extract of sample "The differences between Macro and Micro sociology"

Download file to see previous pages The bigger systems in the society play a key role in deciding the flow of life. This can be clearly seen by comparing the systems that were established in the medieval period to the ones that are established in the industrialized world. These systems help to distinguish between the times that were in the previous era to that of the present era. In other words we are looking at the background of the whole situation and not the situation itself. The factors that are affecting the situation are analyzed through the basics of macro sociology. Micro sociology on the other hand is used to find out the exact details of the face to face interaction rather than the back ground. In other words only a specific situation at a specific instance is analyzed through micro sociology and not the broader concept of the whole situation. This can relate to a meeting taking place inside a huge corporation regardless of the fact as to why the meeting is really taking place. Macro sociology is the study through which the background of the whole corporation can be studied and as to how it is affecting the basics of the meeting (Giddons & Griffith 2006). This paper will focus on the views of micro and macro sociological perspectives and aims to differentiate between them. This paper also forms a conclusion on the importance of these theories and perspectives in the study of sociology.
Micro sociology focuses on a relatively smaller number of groups and social interactions.(Giddons & Griffith 2006).
Macro sociology takes the broader aspects of the society into view whereas micro sociology directly views the interaction. Macro sociology is used by the functionalist and conflict theorists whereas micro sociology is used by the symbolic interactionists. The study of sociology is not limited to a single approach but the two different approached namely micro and macro are used to view the society (Mooney 2010). The Macro concept includes the whole society when proposing sociological ideas, ideals and theories. On the other hand, micro theories of sociology concentrate on characteristics, traits and needs of individuals who make the society (Katsiaficas et al., 1987).
Symbolic interactionist perspective was formed by Charles Cooley, William Thomas and George Mead. According to this framework symbols form the basic component of the social life in this world. They believed that everything including relationships in life was formed by these symbols in the society. Symbols are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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