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All jobs should be designed around groups - Term Paper Example

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Group work is always an interesting act more so because it ensures that the different individuals within it are assigned their respective tasks. The benefits of designing jobs around group work are such that these embody their individual inputs, as these would bring in a lot of positives for the concerned organization, and the activities would increase in their respective speeds as well. …
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All jobs should be designed around groups
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Download file to see previous pages Group work is always an appreciable undertaking because it gives the organization what it richly deserves – room for maneuvering its troops when the going gets tough. Group work also allows employees to cover up for one another and thus form a coherent basis with the people who matter the most within the organizational domains. Also the leaders take a sigh of relief when they come to know about the employees working in a group fashion. This solves nearly all their problems because the work gets done and the tasks become easier without any doubt. The group work finds out which employees are best suited to a particular job and what efforts are underway to achieve the same (Kraut, 1990). It is also imperative to understand how group work can embody a great amount of success in the wake of achieving figures, data and other relevant notions, all of which remain significant within an organization. The traits behind a particular skill and job are found out, which remains one of the most pivotal positives behind the group work (Michaelsen, 2002). Whether or not these groups are able to muster up confidence for the sake of the business in the long run is something that shall come into reckoning with the results that have been drawn up with the passage of time. The serious benefits of designing jobs around groups are such that these make the task of a leader very simple as he can rely on his group to deliver in the crunch times, as well as in moments of despair (Sanna, 1999). The group collaborates on a single platform which is essentially something that breeds confidence not only within the entire group but also under the aegis of the organization in the long term scheme of things. The element of interdependence is something that could easily be understood from the jobs that are assigned within a group formation (Olmstead, 2002). There is a common goal in sight and in mind, which is achieved through persistence, hard work and immense commitment. The unifying relationship amongst the individuals is the basis of the groups that have been instituted upon, and which shall bear confidence amongst the individuals so that success and results could be envisaged and drawn upon. What these members within a group would eventually do is to build not only their own selves but also the entire group as a whole, which remains another benefit behind designing jobs around groups (Fink, 2002). What these groups do in essence is to build competition as each one of the individuals wants to excel within his/her respective area. The management of such groups is for the end benefit of the organization in the long run because the management realms know that group formation would mean completion of tasks in an easy going way. The individual achievement premise is similarly very important because this raises the bar immensely within an organization. The employees want to give their very best and remain on top of their work tasks (Vautier, 1999). This makes the look competitive which they really become with the passage of time. What is even more important is the fact that the individual achievement domains are backed up by the organizational top heads that look for building up on the areas of strength with the changing times and thus attain the best possible mileage out of an individual in the long run. However, there are shortcomings and weaknesses which are present within such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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