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Religious Freedom and Women's Rights - Essay Example

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In the paper “Religious Freedom and Women's Rights” the author analyzes the concept of religious freedom towards women who have been subjugated by the religious fundamentalists and other forces in power alike by being dictated about their dress codes…
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Religious Freedom and Womens Rights
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Extract of sample "Religious Freedom and Women's Rights"

Download file to see previous pages Imposing a ban on wearing head scarves is similar to forcing women to wear it by the Taliban regime. In this contrast, one should be able to see the detrimental impact of such policies on the parts of governments on their citizens.

The concept of religious freedom is misunderstood by individuals and states alike. Not having the freedom to choose the way one lives or dresses up gives rise to controversy, hostility and antagonistic behaviour towards minorities or women in particular. Such religious activities, customs, or dress codes that do not hinder personal or professional responsibilities should be in no way made a basis for imposing a ban. Wearing head scarves is a personal/collective choice by many Muslim women as a way of distinguishing their identity.

Having religious freedom is just part of personal freedom or personal autonomy in the broader sense. In multiculturalism, this phenomenon is the corner stone of developing respect for cultural or religious differences. If citizens are allowed the freedom to express their minds freely, they would enrich their societies with their positive and progressive attitudes. On the other hand, if women or other minority groups are discriminated on the basis of their religion or religious practices, they would be isolated from mainstream life. It might be justifiable for the governments to misuse Human Rights’ Laws to restrict women to make a choice for whatever they wish to wear. One such assumption is: Islamic headscarves stand for inequality between men and women in Islam., as enunciated in Koran. It represents a patriarchal society where women are forced to wear head scarves to retain their identity. Islamic headscarf represents oppressive male society of Muslims; and a woman wearing it is nothing but an example of an oppressed individual. Therefore, according to human rights’ laws, such women should be emancipated from Islamic headscarves by the state. Another assumption is that head scarves offend others in some way or the other, as other people do not see it as just a square piece of cloth but something radical and perceive it as a threat to the ideals of the republic or its citizens.
Laws founded on the above grounds are as shaky as their foundation. Wearing of Islamic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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