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Definition and Examples of Nonverbal Communication - Essay Example

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The objective of this essay, though, is to provide a reaction after reading the chapter which addresses the following concerns, to wit the topic of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication is wide and encompasses various elements like roles, types, forms, and aspects of listening…
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Definition and Examples of Nonverbal Communication
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Download file to see previous pages The author was clear in emphasizing that diversity in culture paved the way for causing misunderstanding in the way nonverbal cues are interpreted and understood by one person from a particular culture, as against one from another. The discussion of the six roles nonverbal communication has in relation to verbal communication. The manner and structure of discussion was clear and concise enabling readers to reinforce the message the author intended to relay. This was a helpful guide prior to proceeding with the discussion of various types or modes of nonverbal communication. Likewise, by providing examples, stories, and scenarios prior to, during, or even after discussing a particular topic, understanding was further reinforced. The stories provided vivid illustrations of the points that the author needs to emphasize enhancing one’s acknowledgement that these topics were clearly enforced. What is Liked and Not Liked The way that the author provided examples through stories and scenarios increased one’s liking and interest in further reading the rest of the chapter. The intermittent tests (emotion recognition test and the ten question nonverbal quiz) were helpful in determining one’s level of comprehension on the topics discussed. They were fun to answer and made the readers excited to find out the extent of understanding on the subject discussed. Likewise, the reflection questions were also appropriate to hone the analytical and critical skills of the readers. It would be helpful, though, to determine the author’s responses to these questions somewhere in the textbook. The portions that were mere enumerations without sufficient provisions for examples or illustrations are those that are least liked. The portion on five functions being fulfilled by kinesic behaviors could be enlivened through stories and actual scenarios that would clearly illustrate the points being discussed. Long discussions were also somewhat boring as one tends to perceive topics are already known or universally accepted as recognized. The discussion on food differences, for instance, could be illustrated using a tabular form of commonly misunderstood concepts or notions, rather than using the narrative form. What One Learned about Oneself One just discovered that there are tendencies to disregard messages that other people from diverse cultural orientations by assuming that what one believes as universally understood in fact contains different meanings to others. By being so self-centered and focused on serving one’s objectives, goals, pursuits in life, one could actually be hurting others unconsciously, irresponsibly or negligibly. After reading the chapter, one realized that nonverbal misunderstanding are so common yet not appropriately addressed due to indifference and utter disregard for other people’s concerns. Also sentiments like feeling of shame, embarrassment or confusion could prevent people from clarifying messages either expressed through nonverbal communication forms or through verbal communication. The reflection brought one to evaluate that awareness and understanding of causes for nonverbal misunderstandings could easily be addressed by simply clarifying through verbal communication. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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