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The paper argues in favor of the legalization of abortion in all the democratic and free societies who claim to protect individual rights and liberty of their citizen. Abortion must be made legal in all the liberated and civilized societies. In most of the societies, abortions are considered to be unethical, immoral, and wrong. …
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Should Abortions be Legal
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First of all, illegalizing abortion is against individual right and freedom of woman. Government or any individual has no right to decide whether women should or should not make her available for a year long physical, psychological, emotional, and financial commitment in addition to her after-birth life-long responsibilities as mother. Becoming a mother should be her own choice. No one else can decide about her or in the words of Judith Jarvis (1971) can take the rights of her body .It is her right to choose when she wants to offer her body and soul for such an intense and important commitment which is not only vital for mother and child but also for whole family and society. Legalizing abortions ensures her liberty and well-being as a balanced and complete human. Abortion and Killing Abortion may be immoral but it does not equate killing since fetus is not a complete human. Pro-life or anti-abortionists’ most important argument for not legalizing abortion is that it equates killing human. But, fetus is a “potential human” not a complete human being like woman. If every “potential human” is to be protected and brought to this world, then, all of contraception methods and family planning awareness campaigns must be banned.Every ovum and sperm should be protected because they are “potential humans”, sounds nonsensical though.. Legalizing abortions does not equate killing but it will ensure healthier, happier, and cherished mothers and children. Legalization and Abortion Rate Legalization will not increase abortion rate or urge infanticide .Abortion rate remains same even it is not legalized, however, then it contribute to women mortality and other physical complications. According to research done by Guttmacher Institute and World Health Organization, abortion rates among rich and poor countries are same irrespective of the legality or illegality during 1995 and 2003. It reports that half of the worldwide abortions are considered to be unsafe. Moreover, abortion is safe in countries where it is legalized while threatening and performed clandestinely where it is outlawed (as cited in Rosenthal, 2007). Women’s Exploitation Legalization will decrease women exploitation, particularly, in case of rape, disability of child, financial constraints on family or mother alone. Legalization is essential for preventing teen pregnancies when another child (mother) is at emotional, psychological, and health risks throughout her life. Illegalization may inspire her to use unsafe methods which can lead to death or sterility. Safe Options Legalization will ensure safe abortions options. In countries where abortions are not legalized or woman is not aware (in case of legalization) back-allay abortion services by incompetent medical staff leads to complications. Furthermore, self-induced abortions by inserting strange stuff and taking strong drugs not only lead to complications, illness, and pain but also death. Legalizing abortions provide safe and economical methods by recommended clinics and hospitals. Abortion, Mortality and Complications Legalization is the key to decrease women mortality and avoid complications. Outlawing abortions take heavy tool on women’s health and life as a whole. Number of deaths as a result of unsafe abortion is unknown because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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