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Qualitative Research & Case Study Research Dear Dave, I am forwarding this letter in order to inform you that I need your valuable support and help. I believe that you would not be busy in the days to come. I think it is immensely beneficial for both of us…
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Qualitative Case Study Research
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Download file to see previous pages I duly accepted their proposal and I was excited and looking forward to complete the assigned research project. Additionally, I have already planned the strategy for successfully undertaking the research project. Unfortunately, an incident has erupted in the meanwhile that has resulted in creating certain obstacles for me to move away from my work and curtail the research project in between. Literally speaking, I shall not be able to continue the case study. Thus, I would like you to kindly continue the research project on my behalf. In order to assist you with the research project, I have tried to clearly state the outline for the research project. The letter will make you familiar with the plans and strategies that I have prepared for carrying out the research project. Furthermore, I believe that this plan will assist and guide you throughout the entire research project. Additionally, the proposed question that I have framed for the research study includes ‘what subjects do Chinese students choose to study in the UK and why?’ SOAS has already approved the research question and they were positively willing to fund the research project so that they could bring necessary changes in their marketing strategies in China. It will be worth mentioning to you that the primary reason behind the selection of this research question underlies with my field research that I have undertaken while I was gain invaluable knowledge in university in the United Kingdom. During that time, I spoke to a number of Chinese students about their preferences for studying particular subjects in the UK universities. The findings revealed that Chinese students were more willing to acquire knowledge about Management, Economics and Finance in the UK universities. Nonetheless, the reasons that were obtained from them were not similar rather they possessed varying reasons behind their preferences. My further analysis revealed that People's Republic of China (PRC) is among the highest students’ sender countries to European Union (EU). The statistics postulated that the number of Chinese students coming to the shores of the EU has been in constant rise. Accordingly, during the year 2010-11, the number of Chinese students who migrated to EU countries was ascertained to be 67,325 while their numbers had increased to 78,715 during the year 2011-12 (UK Council for International Student Affairs, 2013). I was eager to identify the reasons behind, why so much of students are interested to arrive and relocate to the UK to study Management, Economics and Finance. More importantly, I believe that this research project shall duly assist in identifying the primary reasons behind the preferences of particular subjects by Chinese fellow students. Furthermore, the study shall also contribute in identifying the drawbacks of marketing strategies in China and additionally it shall assist universities in China to frame strategies that shall immensely help them to attract Chinese students from migrating to other countries particularly to the UK. Thus, the contents of the letter shall assist you to successfully carry out the research project provided that you duly follow the prepared plan. I believe that this study shall prove significantly beneficial for SOAS. Moreover, your hard work shall also be duly appreciated by SOAS and certainly by me. I firmly believe that the detailed plan articulated in this letter shall be sufficient and adequately shall assist you throughout your ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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