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Social exclusion in relation to social housing - Essay Example

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Social exclusion in relation to social housing Introduction Social exclusion signifies a new concept which is related to poverty, marginalization and deprivation. The context in which the term often used appears to be contradictory and ambiguous…
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Social exclusion in relation to social housing
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Download file to see previous pages Research on social exclusion is heterogeneous. It tends to proceed from diverse to divergent descriptive paradigms. The concept of social exclusion The producers of the social policy discourse have been known to propagate the usage of the term. Social housing estates and tenants viewed as the archetypes of the concept. The usage of the term has been rampant in France and United Kingdom. The tenure of social housing has been a causal factor in social exclusion. The deliberations on social exclusion have been propagated for a long period. According to Rodgers, the term was propagated by less- industrialized societies. The term became common in the 1990s. The concept is the core in the European Union. The new labor party in the United Kingdom made social exclusion its foundational policy under Tony Blair. The European Union needed to come up with a term for innovative social policy. The term was supposed to counter stigmatization of poverty and deprivation. The term, social exclusion, appeared to be new and appealing (Geddes & Urry 2000). The poverty programs in the European Union were extremely controversial. This is because they offended the decency of language in advertising or publicizing poverty (Bernstein 2005). The people were against the idea that policies were not the responsibilities of member states of the union. Factually, communal segregation is a contested theory. Social exclusion plus poverty are not conterminous. It is possible to be excluded without being poor. According to Haan, the concept of social exclusion is related to vulnerability and relative poverty. Social exclusion in Britain has been an elective issue (Geddes & Urry 2000). According to Levitas, the promise of social inclusion drove politicians to power. The precedence of the community segregation division is to bring substantial change to areas of concentrated disadvantage (Forrest & Kearns 1999). This is to happen through implementation of regeneration initiatives. This caused the United Kingdom’s economic and social research council to adopt a concept of social integration. According to Richardson & LeGrand, scholars and researchers were getting actively involved in the concept of communal segregation in the UK. Localities with concentrated disadvantage were seen to fuel social exclusion. For social exclusion to be dealt with, the government had to come up with initiatives that would impact all social classes. This was to eliminate the presence of regions of concentrates poverty (Forrest & Kearns 1999). Social exclusion could not be fully addressed without addressing the issue of housing (Bernstein 2005). This is because it was vital in facilitating the concentration of deprived people in similar localities (Goodin 1996). In 1997, the United Kingdom government, by the labor party came up with a task force that addresses social exclusion. Social exclusion was defined by the government as the shorthand effect caused by poor areas suffers from poor housing and low incomes (Freitas 1998). This attracts high crime rates in those places and unemployment. Housing and social exclusion The responsibility of accommodation in communal segregation has come under scrutiny. Many low income earners have no access to decent housing. Housing affordability happens to be a crucial issue. In poor families, accommodation is the most important thing in the family unit financial plan (Forrest & Kearns 1999). This attracts state assistance to avert extreme conditions (Blair ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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