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In what significant ways does globalisation shape our political and social world - Essay Example

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In what significant ways does globalization shape our political and social world? Introduction Globalization is one of such phenomena that are discussed frequently but are often not well-defined. In the broad context, globalization is an increase in the effect of such forces on the activities of humans that cover the national boundaries…
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In what significant ways does globalisation shape our political and social world
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Download file to see previous pages There is an on-going debate about the effects of globalization. Globalization is a matter of a lot of importance and interest in the present world affairs as it inspires passionate critics as well as supporters. There are five fundamental economic dimensions of globalization including migration, trade, aid, ideas, and finance. Whether increases in these dimensions if managed in a development supportive way for the countries can alleviate such evils as global poverty is debatable. This paper explores different facets of globalization in general and its political and social aspects in particular. The paper illustrates in what potential ways globalization has affected the society and what challenges have surfaced as a result of globalization in the political and social realms. Significance of historical shifts in social, political and economic structures and values in modern societies The social, political, and economic structures and values in the modern societies have undergone a revolutionary change with the passage of time, and the major cause of this change has been globalization. Let us consider the social acceptability toward homosexuality for instance. Historically, homosexuality has been largely practiced secretly, accounts of which can be found in the ancient Roman and Greek cultures. Till the first half of the 20th century, homosexuality remained a taboo in the society, and people practicing it tried to maintain it secretly because the Catholic Christian visualization of homosexuality was nothing less than an abominable act and a sin. In the present age, societies have become increasingly accepting toward homosexuality in most of the Western countries. People have started to visualize homosexuality as normal human behavior, and the gay activists have been successful in getting gay marriages legalized in many countries. In countries like the US, where it is still not legalized, there is an on-going debate, and there are fair chances for it to be legalized in the near future. Gay marriages have been legalized even in many developing countries like India. The element that has played a fundamental role in this change of the societal attitude toward homosexuality has been media. Homosexuality has been slowly and gradually incorporated into the culture and values of the modern society through television plays, movies, cinema, and theatre. On one hand, the status of marriage as a sacred institution supported by religion has been challenged since more and more gay couples are getting married. On the other hand, the society has drifted away from practicing religion in an attempt to keep pace with the globalization’s impact of society and modernization in particular. The divide between the practicing followers of religion and the modernists is one of the elements that lays the foundations of democracy so that all can have equal say in the establishment of the societal rules, norms, and values. The theories and ideas of the modern philosophers are quite unique and different from those of the philosophers of the past. The theorists of the contemporary age cannot make assumptions on the basis of an absolute overlying truth that was cultivated by their predecessors. The postmodern thought challenges the existence of a reality that is fixed and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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