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Diversity Paper Your Name Date Diversity Paper The growth and development of culture is indebted to different societies and ethnic groups in the world. To be specific, cultural diversity accelerates the development of human society in general…
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Diversity paper
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Download file to see previous pages On the other side, the form of government/politics, adaptability to educational reforms and family structure of the Black/African American ethnic group eventually led them towards progress. Thesis statement: The research work on the Black/African American cultural diversity, racial characteristics, religious belief, and the form of government/politics, educational reforms and family structure proves that all these factors help the Black/African American ethnic group to assimilate into the core of American society. Diversity and Black/African American cultural diversity One can simply define diversity, especially cultural diversity, as the unique quality of a cultural group. Besides, diversity related to culture within a group is considered as a valuable contribution to the cultural diversity of the world. In addition, cultural diversity is not a closed entity because it accepts change in the global context. When the term diversity is superimposed into the context of Black/African American cultural diversity, one can see that Black/African American cultural diversity absorbed the characteristics of African and American cultures. Freeman (1998) opines that, “Family relationships, group social interaction, support, and achievement have historically been a part of African American culture” (p.34). ...
So, Black/African American cultural diversity is inherited from African culture. At the same time, the young Black/African Americans are totally exposed to a different culture in the host nation. But they too were ready to accept their African ancestry, and tried to link the same with the American culture. So, the Black/African American cultural diversity is the byproduct of the amalgamation of African and American cultures in general. Race and Black/African American race The term race can be simply defined as the mode of social categorization disregarding one’s genetic origin. So, race is the mode to categorize human beings into certain groups with common ancestry and cultural characteristics. In some societies, one’s racial identity leads to the supremacy in the mainstream society. On the other side, in racially biased societies, one’s racial identity hinders one’s upward mobility to the upper strata of the society. Within this scenario, the minority population from the African nations in America is generally termed as Black/African American race. Naylor (1998) opines that, “The current label of African-American is a compromise label that is the result of many years of struggle within the Black American group and encompasses much more than the simple identification of a racially based group with a common point of origin in Africa” (p.128). As mentioned earlier, the racial identity of the Black/African Americans is limited to their ancestral lineage as the immigrant population from Africa. Earlier, the racial identity of the Black/African American limited their development in the society. But their involvement in mass movements and protests like Civil Rights Movement helped ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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