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Sexual content in rap and hip-hop videos: an increase over time - Research Paper Example

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Professor Name 09 November 2012 Sexual Content in Rap and Hip-Hop Videos: An Increase Over Time A friend of mine recently returned to the United States after living in Asia for 15 years. Many aspects of American society shocked my friend, but perhaps none more so than the amount of sexual images and language pervading the television screen and other forms of media…
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Sexual content in rap and hip-hop videos: an increase over time
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Download file to see previous pages It is amazing to consider the influx of sexual images in rap and hip-hop videos during the course of the past 25 years. There has been much made in recent years about the impact that media has on society. This is perhaps no more true than when we consider the effects of music videos on young people. The problem is so perplexing that this author chose to analyze sexual images present in rap and hip-hop music videos over three decades. Videos will be viewed from the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. The question to be studied in particular is: Has the sexual content, in particular in regards to clothing, increased during the time period of 1985 to 2012? As this question is pondered, particular emphasis will be placed upon current literature that details the effects that sexual imagery in such videos impacts the thoughts and actions of those who view them. This author anticipates discovering some interesting ways that the media impacts our actions and proposing some possible ideas as to how we can possibly encourage the music industry to be more socially responsible in the future. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK The theoretical framework for this content analysis is based on a sociological perspective. The media has long been considered an agent of socialization. From an early age, we begin viewing television programs and become exposed to all sorts of literature. Music videos are a big source of entertainment for young people. Such videos communicate to young people what the latest fashion trends are and, to a large extent, how women are to be looked upon in society. This has grave sociological implications. The perception throughout American society is that the sexual imagery portrayed on television and in videos is reflective of how ‘real’ people behave and are treated. The music industry has come under increased scrutiny in recent years. With the increased amount of sexual and other graphic images and language present in may rap and hip-hop videos, this content analysis and research study is designed as an effort to understand the true impact of this form of media. This particular study will examine other key research studies being conducted regarding the impact of media on society. By examining this issue from a sociological perspective, this author can better understand how these videos impact our society at large. While a general review of research will be conducted, particular emphasis will be placed on literature that discusses the effects of rap and hip-hop videos on the people that watch them. In particular, studies will be examined that focus specifically on the changes in sexual imagery in such videos over the course of the last three decades. LITERATURE REVIEW Ever since MTV aired back in the early 1980’s, music videos have become an important part of American culture. During that time, countless Americans have grown up spending hours with eyes fixed to the television screen as they watch their favorite artist or group mesmerize them with the latest dance moves and technical imagery. It is perhaps these images and visualizations that have impacted our society like no other media outlet in history. The age group that is perhaps most affected by the sexual images they view on television are adolescents. As Wright points out, “Adolescents spend a great deal of their discretionary time attending to mass media ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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