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Media Advertisements Influence Consumers Subconscious Mind and Control their Purchasing Decisions - Research Paper Example

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Advertisements serve as the medium of communication between products or services and their consumers. These are the primary sources of information about the products or services that help create awareness about them in the consumers. …
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Media Advertisements Influence Consumers Subconscious Mind and Control their Purchasing Decisions
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Besides, product awareness through ads informs the consumers as to whether the specific features of a product or service match their needs. Therefore, firms use this media extensively to promote their products and services. Users also rely heavily on media ads to determine the suitability of the products or services to their requirements. In the modern day, companies rather become forced to engage in active advertising campaigns due to the prevalence of fierce competition. This, in turn, entails unprecedented increase in the volume of ads in the media. Thus, the modern consumers remain bombarded with influxes of media ads, which exercise subtle but significant influence on their subconscious and, thereby, control their buying habits. Purchasing decisions of modern consumers, therefore, do not derive from informed choices but because of the influence of media ads, which control their subconscious mind and make the choices for them, through the deft deployment of strategies such as projecting brand images and celebrity endorsements. Purchasing decision of an individual depends on a lot of aspects of the product such as the perceived quality, easy availability, price, packaging and promotion. However, when different brands of a same product are available in the market, customers use their perception of the quality to take an informed decision as to which among these brands to buy. Consumers’ perception of quality derives from their awareness of a product and its significant features that distinguish it from similar products of competing brands. Hence, the most significant influence in purchasing behavior, in a majority of cases, is product promotion because when producers promote their products effectively, the consumers become aware of the features of these items and will remember them. Naturally, when they shop, their subconscious mind will induce them to pick it up from the display rack. This behavior indicates that human minds, as a consequence of frequent exposure to advertising, remain influenced and guided by that information which encourages them to select the product, whose ads they have seen most. In addition, a customer is most likely to purchase a product that is promoted through “marketing campaigns that appeal to their senses, touch their hearts, and stimulate their minds” (Variawa 36). In the present day, when several competing firms offer a same product, consumers receive a wide variety to choose from. This is where brand image comes into play as one of the determinants of consumer’s choice, and they become influenced by “brand related stimuli” like color schemes, “shapes, background design elements, slogans, mascots and brand characters” (36). Companies, therefore, focus on this response and attempt to enhance the appeal of their brand image by using celebrities to promote it. A study conducted by Dr Giridhar K V on the “Effects of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Buying Behavior and Branding of a Brand” finds that 62% of consumers believe that the “celebrities create desire (to purchase) in the minds of the viewers after having seen the advertisement in different media” while 18% has remained neutral and 20% disagrees (99). This tends to suggest that when consumers walk into a store to buy a product, their subconscio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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