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A Comparison of Modes of Communication - Essay Example

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This essay describes different modes of communication, such as telecommunication, letters, messages and speaking. The researcher focuses on a comparison of this different modes and both long distance or electronic communication, that were the main focus of the study…
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A Comparison of Modes of Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Of course, such modes of communication also have their drawbacks. For one thing, as already mentioned, the physical distance and impersonality - and, in the case of the internet, the complete and utter anonymity - also pave the way for a form of long distance bullying with little fear of reprisal. To a lesser extent, too, the impersonal nature of such communication has a way of reducing the message to mere words, which makes it harder to guess at the truthfulness or the sincerity of the person conveying it. That being said, the benefits still outweigh the drawbacks. Communication has indeed become easier and more convenient than ever, with even two people located on opposite ends of the earth able to talk to each other in real time thanks to such devices. Midnight bonding with loved ones residing elsewhere can be done either over the phone or online, with the latter having the additional benefit of keeping bills from skyrocketing too high. Even the impersonal nature of such modes of communication, too, can be done away with, thanks to video conferencing services such as Skype which allow one to actually see the person he is talking to. That being said, even personal communication still has its uses sometimes. Besides one being able to convey the message better when face-to-face with the person being communicated with, there are abstractions that become more readily apparent when up close and personal. It becomes easier to tell when someone is lying, based on his microexpressions and other forms of nonverbal communication, which HR practitioners would readily attest to. On a more personal level, too, to say 'I love you' to someone tends to have much more impact when...
This essay discusses various types and modes of conversations, that can now be done in real time regardless of physical distance, in stark contrast to the old days where correspondence could only happen once every few months. This is in stark contrast to the modern era where, thanks to recent innovations such as the internet and mobile phones, getting in touch with family and friends takes a few minutes at most and is unlikely to expend much energy on one's part as well. In fact, both of these innovations are so commonplace that even small children are likely to own a mobile phone or at least a tablet computer, both of which can be used for long-distance communication among other things. The researcher states that it should be clear that both long distance or electronic communication, as well as personal communication have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Where the former has the advantage of convenience, especially in this day and age, the latter still wins in terms of impact. Where the former could be misused, the latter tends to be more foolproof. In short, the world needs both long distance and personal communication. Long distance communication can be a very powerful tool to have, but messages tend to lose their impact in the processes. And conversely, personal communication may not always be possible. This being the case, then, it falls to the individual to judge which mode of communication is more appropriate in a given situation, and then act accordingly.
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A Comparison of Modes of Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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