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The Effects of Alcohol and How It Effects College Students GPA Introduction Use of alcohol is a common habit amongst college students and is usually associated with malpractices such as students missing class, deteriorating performance in tests, inability to concentrate in class in addition to students ignoring their academic responsibilities hence compromising the academic mission of colleges and universities…
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Alcohol effects on college students
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, use of alcohol results in mischiefs such as aggressiveness, destruction of college property, and poor sleeping habits amongst college students. Most studies done to establish the effect of alcohol on college students GPA are controversial with some showing negative effect while others show negligible effect. There is thus need for further research to establish if alcohol affects students’ performance directly or indirectly through alteration of study and schooling behaviors. This study will make use of literature from previous studies to find the effect of alcohol on college students GPA. Additionally, the effect of alcohol on the general behaviors of college students such as punctuality will be analyzed. Hypothesis My study seeks to address the hypothesis that use of alcohol among college students has effects on their GPA. The other hypothesis is on whether the views or opinion of students on the effects of alcohol on academic performance affects the students GPA. Literature Review Several studies have been done to establish the use and effects of alcohol on college students. The studies showed that drinking habits amongst teenagers aggravate when they join college. Alcohol use in college has been shown to increase misconducts and is often associated with mischiefs such as sexual assault, property damage, absenteeism from school, and underperformance in some instances. Studies done to find the effects of alcohol on the students’ performance have shown that students with episodic drinking habits perform poorer than students who do not drink alcohol at all. Most of the studies have attributed the reduced performance to the negative effects of alcohol on the student’s memory in addition to leading to poor leading habits. Such studies include one was done by Giancola (2002) and another by Powel, William and Wechsler (2002). The findings from the two studies showed that tumbling performance amongst episodic drinkers in colleges can be attributed to the direct effect of alcohol on the student’s intellectual by tampering with their memory or indirectly by affecting the student’s school attendance habits as well as studying habits. The study by Giancola entailed using four groups of student where the first group was knowingly given alcohol, another group was given non-alcoholic drink, and another group remained sober while the last group was given alcohol but made to believe the drink was non-alcoholic. In the study, student who took alcoholic drinks either knowingly or unknowingly demonstrated aggressiveness. However, Giancola argued that other factors such as ones background determined his or her behaviors after consuming alcohol. A study by Porter and Pryor (2007:457) showed that “males are more likely than female to report 3 or 4 or more occasions of heavy drinking, whereas females at women’s college are less likely to report heavy episodic drinking compared with females at research universities or coed colleges.” This study also showed reduced performance among college students who engaged in episodic drinking as compared to non-drinkers. Statistically, Porter and Pryor’s study showed that more male students engage in episodic drinking as compared to female students. Paschal and Freister (2003) studied the influence of excessive alcohol ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alcohol Effects on College Students Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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