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Parentlessness and Social Isolation: The Psychopathology of Bundy and Wuornos - Essay Example

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Serial killers often come from abusive backgrounds, where they endure physical, sexual, or emotional (sometimes all) forms of abuses. Childhood abuses can be particularly damaging, because they can produce enduring effects on the emotional and social development of individuals. …
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Parentlessness and Social Isolation: The Psychopathology of Bundy and Wuornos
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Wuornos and Bundy are both white and come from working-class families, but they have different sexual, educational, and criminal backgrounds. Their grandparents raised them, and none of them were wealthy. While Bundy was shy, introverted, and most likely graduated high school as a virgin (Bell 5), Wuornos was sexually promiscuous. Michael Newton’s book, Bad Girls Do It!, narrates that: “Aileen later told police that she had sex with Keith at an early age, although acquaintances doubt the story...” (Macleod 5). She was pregnant already at the age 14 and she stayed at the unwed mothers’ home. She had a son, whom she put up for adoption in 1971 (Macleod 2). Ted had no criminal record for violence or petty crimes, while Wuornos had prior criminal record for auto theft, drunk and disorderly behavior, concealed weapon, forged identification, and burglary (Macleod 2). Ted finished college, while Wuornos did not attain this high level of education.

Bundy and Wuornos have different target individuals and methods of killing, because they have different motives. Victim selection is more precise for Bundy than Wuornos, because killing serves different motives. He selected his victims, based on their physical appearances, and he methodically planned how to lure them to his vehicle (Bell 5). Bundy killed women, who shared the same physical characteristics as Stephanie Brooks, Bundy’s first love. She broke up with him, because of his lies and inability to have specific goals in life (Bell 2). Killing women, who looked like Stephanie, served as Bundy’s revenge against her. He used a fake cast to feign helplessness and to ask assistance from his target victims (Bell 5). Wuornos, on the contrary, picked up truck drivers in the highway, either luring them with sex, drugs, or alibis that she needed help (Arrigo and Griffin 386). She told the police that she even openly admitted to her victims that she was a prostitute and needed money (Arrigo and Griffin 386). She claimed that they tried to rape her (Arrigo and Griffin 386). Richard Mallory, one of the men she killed, however, did not have any history of attacking prostitutes, whom he had a habit of hiring for their sexual services (Arrigo and Griffin 386). Since Wuornos stole the money and belongings of her victims, her killing has an economic motive too. In the biography “Aileen Wuornos: Killer Who Preyed on Truck Drivers,” Macleod explains that Wuornos steals money to sustain her life and relationship with her lesbian partner, Tyria Moore. Ty no longer worked, because Wuornos promised that she would take care of their financial needs (Macleod 13). As for killing methods, Wuornos and Bundy preferred different instruments. Bundy strangled or bludgeoned his victims, while Wuornos shot then with a .22 caliber gun. Bundy shows personal and intense anger in his methods, whereas Wuornos wants a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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