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Social Work: Working with Mental Health - Essay Example

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An essay "Social Work: Working with Mental Health" reflects my understanding of the attitudes and views of mental illness and how one should cope with the status of critical issues on depression and suicides. I have chosen to write on this topic because I have experienced the pain of losing…
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Social Work: Working with Mental Health
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Download file to see previous pages I have chosen to write on the journal article on the aspects of mental health as because it is the reason that contributes to about 12-15% of the world’s total disability. Research and findings reveal that there is no conclusive argument or data that support the hospital-only approach. Nor to research evidence reveals of evidence that community services alone can provide the satisfactory comprehensive care. Though hospitals play a major back - up role, community-based mental health services provide a common setting for individuals who have a deal with such trouble. It is important to coordinate with the various health services offered institutions whether governmental or non-governmental or a private organization to ensure that the flow of services through them function at par. If policy considerations are looked at, priority and goals of particular nations depend largely on the available financial resources. Around one million people in the UK commit suicide every year. Going by the estimates the number accounts to 6,000, of which approximately 1,500 are women and 4,500 men. Although the suicide cases of young men have considerably increased in number over the past couple of years, the estimated results show that female suicide cases show a pattern of decrease. The reason is not quite well understood, it may be said that women are better off than men in dealing with their distress. The social, cultural, economic and financial issues are said to be the reasons for such high incidences of suicide cases. ...
Although the reason is not quite well understood, it may be said that women are better off than men in dealing with their distress. The social, cultural, economic and financial issues are said to be the reasons for such high incidences of suicide cases. People may be more vulnerable to suicide because of a genetic predisposition, personality trait or lack of support. In many cases of suicides there often is a long history of mental health problem associated (like depression, schizophrenia and eating disorders). Relationship problems are sometimes frequent factors expressed by women who have survived suicide or have admitted to considering suicide as the last resort (BBC Health, 2012). Losing someone beloved is always intensely painful, but knowing that the case of death was intentional, is a difficult agony to bear with. There are particularly difficult issues to work through for the loved ones, colleagues, friends and the near and dear ones, once the cause of death is known. The victim leaves behind a great bereavement and grief for others to bear with. The process of grieving is characterized by the agonizing questioning and a discreet search for some explanation. Common feelings for the sadness and loss of bereavement include guilt at not recognizing that there was a problem and timely offering of help, and anger at the person who committed suicide for having left them in this way. The situation is often very critical for the members of the family, to deal with the crisis. There can be some very complex factors that lead someone to take their own life. These factors include physical illness (like acute and chronic), alcohol and drug abuse, social isolation, housing, money and job problems. Even the phases of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Work: Working With Mental Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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