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What does it mean to say that our relationship to reality is mediated - Essay Example

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The impact of mediation can be witnessed everywhere. Apparently, each individual creates a different picture of the same situation based on their circumstances and fears. This leads to new attachments that offer solace in times of threats and uncertainties…
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What does it mean to say that our relationship to reality is mediated
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What does it mean to say that our relationship to reality is mediated

Download file to see previous pages... These are experienced by a conscious sense of presence of a human being and are situated and embodied in the physical world.
Everything that one can possibly experience and conceive is actually part of their representation of reality and not reality in itself. Therefore, the world that one experiences can only be known as it appears to them and not as it actually is in itself. This implies that there is a certain degree through which one’s experiences and social world act as mediators in the way one perceives and conceives the world around them. Inevitably, one’s desires and life attachments act as distortions of the reality one perceives, and this determines how one interacts with the environment. Sociologists argue that the current trends within the globe and the continued existence and development of the internet have led to a greater distortion of the reality. This has led to different attitudes towards attachment, security and conduct
For instance, reality television has made people change the way they conduct themselves especially the youths. Security has also been distorted by the use of robots and other sensory devices that have given security a virtual attribute that was previously non-existence. In the future, robots are expected to control much of the human life, and that is actually being witnessed with the increased number of films produced based on this reality. The new attachments and security definitions affect the way everyone conducts themselves under certain situations. The world is thus surrounded by different personalities and convictions which help an individual to create their world without fear of revealing their age, gender or creed. Thus, the world has turned into a virtual reality where identity is created from what is seen through the media, and more so the digital media. These creations have a greater emphasis on emotional and vicarious involvement in what the media terms as collective and personal identities. Popular culture has recast the meaning of social relationship into a resource that individuals need to use for their daily livelihood. These are some of the concepts that will gain preference in this report with explorations on the implication of mediated reality on attachment and how individuals react to ideational systems of mediated social constructs. Attachment: An Overview Beginning at infancy, people rely on attachment figures when they encounter threats, disappointments or stresses. Attachment in this case is defined as the close relationship that one has with partners who provide protection, support and comfort (Mikulincer and Shaver, 2007:2). These figures and encounters with them are internalized as mental representations which may be defined as working models by attachment theorists. These models represent a great deal of the self, key relationship partners and principal interactions that take place with the partners identified. Goals, motives, and particular emotions are associated with memory and eventually form what is defined as a person’s attachment style (Mikulincer and Shaver 2007:5). These attachment styles are seen to develop through a combination of conditioning and cognitive representation. From that statement alone, one sees the truth of the initial argument: Our Relationship to Reality is Mediated. It is through such conditioning that an individual can turn on the reinforced attachment figures in the long-term memory and use them to reduce anxiety or stress as the case may be. Televisions and Virtual Reality The television is one of the greatest innovations of all times. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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