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Comparison and contrast China Town and Little Italy in San Francisco - Essay Example

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China Town in San Francisco is considered as the largest and the oldest China Towns in North America. It is also the largest locality of Chinese people outside Asia suggesting that it has become a significant hub for people of Chinese origin living outside Asia…
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Comparison and contrast China Town and Little Italy in San Francisco
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Download file to see previous pages Little Italy is surrounded by China Town, Fisherman’s Wharf and Russian Hills. This neighborhood is still famous for largest number of Italian restaurants despite the fact that immigrants belonging to other regions are also now living in this locality. This locality therefore is considered as a mix of Italian as well as other communities which have been living in this area. Both these localities present a unique mix of social and cultural diversity in a country which is dominated by White people. The fact that both these communities have been able to establish themselves as the leading communities of immigrants outside their own home countries demonstrate that people tend to live together with those who share same culture and value. This paper will discuss both the localities and attempt to discuss culture of both the neighborhoods besides discussing as to what are different symbolic interactions taking place in these localities. China Town China Town in San Francisco was established in 1848 and has gradually emerged as the largest locality outside Asia where Chinese people are residing. It is also one of those ethnic enclaves1 which have been able to retain most of its cultural roots. It is also the oldest China Town in North America and portrays the cultural diversity and richness of China in a place which is not even remotely linked with China culturally. It has remained highly instrumental in providing cultural support to the Chinese immigrants who have migrated to US during different phases of time. It is however, critical to note that Chinese have been targeted for structural inequality through different exclusion acts passed by government.
This simple fact has actually allowed immigrants living in Chinatown to maintain a critical cultural link with their roots. It is because of this similarity that social control 3is relatively higher in China Town. This also ensures compliance with the norms 4which are required to live in Chinese dominated society. This has also further slowed down the absorption of Chinese people into the mainstream American culture also. The overall mix of population in this locality indicates a very different and varied level of population. Some families are recent arrivals in the locality as well as in North America whereas some are living since their last two or three generations. This has resultantly created a locality where modern North American culture actually mixes with the old Chinese social and cultural values. The underlying generations of immigrants living in the locality therefore present a very rich picture of how Chinese people have actually evolved over the period of time in North American Region. A simple visit to this locality indicates a lot about the cultural diversity of the locality and what Chinese cultural actually is. During immigration of Chinese in North America, China Town served as a place where Chinese people can actually everything they need. Right from work to social and cultural support, China Town served as a hub for Chinese people to be at home while away from home. Located in a place which is considered as prime real estate location, China Town grew organically and now is considered as one of the culturally rich area in San Francisco. China Town is also a well knit community with residents effectively integrated with each other. Since residents share same culture and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comparison and Contrast China Town and Little Italy in San Francisco Essay.
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