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Increasing Demand for Health&Social care for older people in China,Comparison with UK - Dissertation Example

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INCREASING DEMAND FOR HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE FOR OLDER PEOPLE IN CHINA, COMPARISON WITH UK [Name of the Student] DISSERTATION SUBMITTED AS COURSE REQUIREMENT OF . XXXXXX UNIVERSITY 2012 ABSTRACT Health and social care has emerged as one of the most important challenge for majority of countries across the globe…
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Increasing Demand for Health&Social care for older people in China,Comparison with UK
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Extract of sample "Increasing Demand for Health&Social care for older people in China,Comparison with UK"

Download file to see previous pages However, with increasing numbers of older people in the current population; these countries are finding it difficult to manage the overall demand. At the same time, there is not a great balance between the demand and supply of healthcare facilities and medical interventions resulting in serious issues and challenges. The main objectives of the research are to explore the increasing demand for healthcare among older people, to compare the healthcare policies of both nations, to critically evaluate the healthcare legislations in both countries and to identify efforts being taken and challenges being imposed pertaining to health and social care. In order to accomplish these objectives; the researcher conducted primary and secondary research. Primary research was conducted using questionnaires and interview. Questionnaires were distributed among older people in a Care Home, North Wales, UK while authorities of the Care Home were interviewed on the increasing demand for healthcare and other related issues. Secondary research was conducted in the context of China assessing the increasing demand for healthcare among older people in the country. Results stated that there is a serious imbalance between the demand and supply of healthcare sources and resources. ...
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement- Ludwig Wittgenstein With very idea and endeavor, comes the support and cooperation of different people in different ways. The research topic aimed at analysing the increasing demand for health and social care for older people in China compared with the United Kingdom received effective guidance from a number of people. The researcher would like to thank his supervisor………….. for guiding him at every step in achieving the proposed aims and objectives of the research. His profound and analytical approach helped in identifying key aspects of the research topic in a coherent way. The researcher would also like to thank his professors for supporting him at every step along with sharing their knowledge and experience that further helped in strengthening the overall understanding over the research topic. The researcher expresses his deep gratitude towards the University for allowing him to access library and other useful sources that helped in forming a deeper and clear understanding over the research subject. The role of friends in sharing useful views and opinions can be considered as of great importance and the researcher was truly blessed for an amazing and insightful sharing that opened new doors of knowledge and understanding. Frequent brainstorming on the research topic helped in developing new perspectives those were critically analysed to form a basic understanding. At last, the researcher would like to thank his family for standing beside him all the time along with guiding and motivating him to accomplish the research goals. The research would like to express his honest and deep gratitude to everyone who has been an important part of this journey. Without their support and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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