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Gender Roles in Today's Society. From Metrosexual to Retrosexual - Book Report/Review Example

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In this article, the author traces the shifting from the “metrosexual” to the “retrosexual.” In her view, the metrosexual man was one which became popular in the 1990s. The metrosexual man was one who would spend time and money on shopping, was willing to embrace his feminine side…
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Gender Roles in Todays Society. From Metrosexual to Retrosexual
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Extract of sample "Gender Roles in Today's Society. From Metrosexual to Retrosexual"

Download file to see previous pages David Beckham is an example of such a man. This is a man who pays attention to grooming – he gets manicures and pedicures, uses upscale products on his face and hair, and he might wear makeup. He also is cultured, having knowledge about fine music, art and other cultural totems. His fashion is trendy and fashion-forward, and he might accessorize, even carrying a man-purse. He knows how to cook, and likes to eat healthy and gourmet. Anderson states that the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, popular in the early to mid 2000s, catered to just such a man. In Queer Eye, five homosexual men – one who is an expert on fashion, one who is an expert on etiquette, one who is an expert on cooking, one who is an expert on interior decorating and one who is an expert on hair – make over one shlubby guy, along witht the guy's home, cooking skills and etiquette. Anderson states that, in reaction to the metrosexual trend, the retrosexual man came into the fore. Anderson traces the genesis of the retrosexual man to 2004, which, perhaps not coincidentally, is when the Queer Eye star began to fade. The backlash presented itself in blogs and print. Anderson, in particular, states that the turning point was a South Park episode in which the “Crab People” invade the town of South Park, with the intent of “sissifying” the town, which would enable the crab people to invade the earth without male resistance. After this, other parodies of the metrosexual sprung up, along with such male-testosterone driven movies as Fight Club, X-Men, Talladega Nights, Nacho Libre and Zoolander – all of these movies, according to Anderson, pokes fun of the metrosexual trend. Anderson states that the original metrosexual trend only came into being because of marketing. She believes that society should “allow” straight men to carry purses, wear makeup and be refined, without the man being ridiculed, and the metrosexual trend was a positive thing in this respect. She feels that the male identity was more divergent because of this trend. However, because she feels that marketing was at the root of the trend, this is less than positive, because it means that men, like women, are commodified. Capitalism is a neutral denominator, and capitalism is what is dominant in our society, not necessarily patriarchalism. In other words, men are dominated by capitalism, the same way that women are, and men and women are both dominated by capitalism, therefore society is less patriarchal than was previously imagined. Part 2 – Assessment Anderson does not really support her argument, perhaps because the article is too short. Most of the article is focused upon the difference between metrosexuals and retrosexuals, and her argument about commodification and capitalism, which turns out to be her thesis, is relegated to one paragraph at the very end of the article. She did not provide proof that the metrosexual t ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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