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Burning The Flag And Responsibility For It - Essay Example

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The process of lowering the flag is part of a long-withstanding and old tradition. The paper "Burning The Flag And Responsibility For It" discusses the case when the Michigan father burned the state flag of New Jersey after it had been lowered to half-staff in honor of Whitney Houston’s death…
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Burning The Flag And Responsibility For It
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Download file to see previous pages The fact that this man lost his son during the war in Iraq gives him every right to react in ways which express his disdain and feelings of anger. This 60-year-old man is entering the last stage of his life and he has made the ultimate sacrifice for his country; he has lost his child in order that his country is protected. It could be said that soldiers parents have suffered more than their son. Soldiers are fundamentally aware of the dangers in entering war zones and a military profession, in that is it quite likely they will become physically hurt or even lose their lives. The fact that these individuals still take up such roles despite this understanding, highlights the standards of patriotism, honor, bravery, and selflessness that these people have and the American population owes them a massive debt of gratitude for this. They do not receive any sort of monetary compensation, power or acclaim that compensates for risking their lives, which really emphasizes the honorable motivations that these people have in carrying out these roles. If or when they die due to war-related activities, lowering the relevant state flag in their honor is the absolute last thing that a country can do in order to acknowledge their massive sacrifice and courage. Of course, the families they leave behind are the ones that suffer even more. This man, in particular, is obviously extremely upset and proud of his son for what he did. Seeing the flag lowered in honor of his son and others who lost their lives in this way, was obviously a great comfort to him, and more than likely symbolized the bravery and sacrifice made by his son and other soldiers. In this way, seeing the flag lowered for a non-war related reason is a blatant insult to this and undermines the sacrifice that his son made. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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