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The Mexican Mafia - Research Paper Example

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A young boy growing up in the inner-city of Los Angeles will have 1 of 5 chance of joining a gang. Chances are that his father was in a gang and brothers and sisters are in a gang or ready to join one. His only friends are gang bangers…
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The Mexican Mafia
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Download file to see previous pages I served my internship in Los Angeles County Probation and interviewed/ discussed the ‘ways’ of gang life with young adults. The impression I was given was that they were preparing themselves for something bigger… the penitentiary. These young gang members were preparing themselves for an allegiance that was far bigger. During my internship I learned that the Los Angeles County Probation Department provides secure detention for delinquent minors in juvenile halls and control and rehabilitation programs in camps. Juvenile halls and camps provide confinement to minors ranging in age from 8 to 18 who await adjudication and disposition of legal matters. More than 56% of these Camp Residents were Hispanic/Latino (FBI Files 2008, p. 28). Graduates of these camps go on to state adult residences and are initiated through the process of joining a larger organization to survive. The newly inducted to state and federal institutions spend years as associates known as “Surenos” doing the organizations handiwork in the prison and out of prison. (Blatchford, 2008, p. 124) Purpose of the Stud ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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