Cultural Hegemony In American Elementary Schools - Essay Example

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This paper focuses on the essence of cultural hegemony and its impact on different elementary schools in America. Initially, the paper provides a short glimpse of cultural hegemony and its impact. Subsequently, it dwells on the varied nature in of hegemony elementary schools across America…
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Cultural Hegemony In American Elementary Schools
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Download file to see previous pages In the following section an elaborate discussion of the literature review on the topic, delivered by different eminent scholars, are furnished in a synchronized manner. Evidence has also been obtained from a sample population of three teachers and 7 parents. Finally, the paper provides its findings, based on the evaluation of information forthcoming through the research, to address the research questions.Hegemony is defined as a concept that is primarily used to portray the use of unconcealed and delicate privilege amongst a social system. This signifies a supreme or dominant group’s social and cultural reforms as universal, and hence confirms the social, cultural, political, and economic power condition of that dominant group. The great social thinker Antonio Gramsci explains the concept of hegemony through his path-breaking works. His concept has been applied and tested in a significant number of social systems to illustrate how domination and marginalization of groups occur through different socialization processes. Gramsci, on the other hand, considers hegemony as the impulsive of the mass to the general direction forced on their social life by the dominant, fundamental group. This approval or acceptance by the people is historically enjoyed by the dominant groups, owing to their prestigious positions and functions in the world of production. A notable example of cultural hegemony is the way English language is treated and acknowledged in public school, which force the students to replace or rather improve upon, their Spanish skills. In the modern world, especially in the post globalization scenario, there is a general feeling that in the order for students to be successful in educational institutions they need to master English language skills. This trend has become a predominant feature in schools that do not consider linguistic diversity as an essential component. Thus, American public schools promote this cultural hegemony which is a fact that academicians in the US do acknowledge. This can be evidenced from the way Latinos, American Indians, and other students of colors are being educated in public schools by inducing in them not only the dominant, middleclass, protestant social and cultural values but also by enforcing them to accept their presumed inferiority. A prominent Educational theorist of the present times argues, that cultural hegemony is significantly imposed against increasingly diverse student populations by professionals who are not aware of how ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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