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Violence: Women and Children - Assignment Example

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VIOLENCE WOMEN AND CHILDREN Violence in intimate relationships has many forms and also many reasons to be concerned about this social problem. For starters, domestic violence or intimate partner abuse is a major health concern. Intimate partner’s abuse is a maltreatment that takes place in romantic relationships, which are supposed to be filled with peace, love and harmony…
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Violence: Women and Children
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Download file to see previous pages Mostly in heterosexual relationships, women are the victims because men in our society are inherited with potential power of intimidating women. Since history, this authority is in the hands of men, who subjugate women due to their obedient status in the society. It is a problem which has no cultural barrier and is prevailing like an epidemic in every part of the world at the rate of any contagious disease. The reasons for this ultimate control of men over women might be our customs, culture and traditions that men always take control. There are certain laws, which depict women as weak and socially incapable of looking after themselves as they are weak and should depend on a man for their protection and security. The problem is not only the illustration of women as weak partners of the society, there are certain other factors which lead to women being the victim of such behavior; Unemployment, underemployment, lack of education, drug abusers, along with the mindset that has been developed from ages that man should be in control of the household lead to damaging the relationships. Though, it is difficult to determine the roots of such social calamity, different approaches can be applied to determine the basic factor, which ultimately leads to such acts. Either controlling factor or cultural context can be blamed for such disastrous consequences Strict religious views of one of the partner or of male partner can also lead to sexual or violent assaults. Male gender uses some of their intimidating behaviors such as thrashing, smashing, abusing pets, displaying weapons, making women feel bad about their strengths and achievements to get control over their female partners. Men who want to beat and emotionally abuse their wives to discipline them, are physically aggressive than those who don’t support such beliefs. To focus on the controlling factor in abusive relationship increases our understanding of the causes and consequences of such types of abuse. Emotional threats and being controlled by your partner is a damaging factor on well-being, as it affects the whole family. Children who have abusive parents grow up to become abusive parents themselves or are abused at some stage of their lives. The rate of sexual violence is increasing at alarming rates as well. Around 25% of woman subjected to forced sex at some stage of their lives. Marital rape, which is also known as spousal forced sex, where victim is wife of the subjugator, is also common in most of the countries. The problem with marital rape is that it was widely ignored even in educated and elite class families, it was not even considered illegal as legal system continues to reflect that rape within a marriage is not rape at all. In few underdeveloped countries, it is still widely tolerated. Rape is a traumatic experience for the victim and even if the victim has a relationship with the rapist or not, it still is difficult to endure. Marital rape is a type of intimate partner abuse where victim has a whole history shared with the rapist and hence, it is betrayal of her trust, which not only shatters her physically, but also damages her emotionally. It destructs fundamental basis of the marital relation between partners. Until 1997 only seventeen countries ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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