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Social Movements and the Development Process - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Date Social Movements And The Development Process Introduction Over the past century, all types of social movements have sprung up in Asia as a result of the problems their populations are facing especially the issue of chronic poverty. The social movements however carry out politicized activities that are carried out collectively by the poor for their benefit…
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Social Movements and the Development Process
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Download file to see previous pages The notion of movements refers to the process of mobilizing other than a specified set of organizations working towards the achievement of change (Tarrow, 1998). The social movements in Asia have however broadened their sustainability’s in the last twenty years with their activities becoming more diverse. There are formal organizations which form part of the social movements in the continent. These movements are additionally greater than their actors as can be identified and indulge in utilizing uncoordinated along with cyclical structures involving collective actions and protests by their populations (Bandana, 2006). They also have networks that are responsible for linking the organized and detached actors all in the processes of mobilizing. The movement can therefore be defined as processes of collective action which are detached but are sustained across time and different locations. The social movements can also be said to be collectives which are politically or socially directed. They involve the cooperation of various organizations and networks that have an aim of changing certain elements in the financial, political along with social systems (Bandana, 2006). The social movements in Asia usually revolve around the poor and disenfranchised populations since they have been denied the access to opportunities which the elite people within their society’s get. The people eventually result to using alternative methods of seizing power from the ruling classes in order to challenge them over resource use, their political enclosures along with other changes that are necessary for reducing their poverty levels. In most democratic countries that are found within the continent, social movements along with public actions have become the only legal structures to attaining power that is at their disposal. Developments in the Field The use of social movements to organize mass movements among people in Asia has brought up an vital possibility of their attainment of success in their political field. They have helped many people across the continent in the attainment of political responses for the problems they are encountering. In addition to the poverty being experienced by the people, the social movements also respond to specific issues which could range from difficulties, grievances and challenges that affect the people (Tarrow, 1998). Over half a billion people within the Asian continent dwell in slum areas and encounter various problems such as insecurity, poor housing and sanitation among others though without any financial assistances from their governments. Most of the slum dwellers experience very high infant along with child mortality rates with communicable diseases spreading very easily in their neighborhoods. The collective actions instigated by the social movements have in turn forced various governments to intervene on various issues that range from proper planning in the urban centers, improvements to various transport systems, their garbage disposals and sanitation (Bandana, 2006). Most of the governments within the Asian continent have also been found off guard on the issue of the migrations being made into urban centers in search of better living standard. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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