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Marxisam and feminism theory - Essay Example

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Name Name of Professor Subject Date Marxism Marxism is considered to be one of the intellectual developments that have occurred in the history of mankind. Karl Marx, together with Friedrich Engels developed the said theoretical paradigm. Marxism focuses on the nature of economics and politics; particularly with the capitalism, its technicalities and effects on society…
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Marxisam and feminism theory
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Marxisam and feminism theory

Download file to see previous pages... 769 – 773). In a general sense, the Marxism is a critique of culture and social order controlled by capitalism. At the same time, Marxism posits an attack towards the control and calls for a classless society where everyone is equal. Marxism, despite being one of the popular theories that existed in course of philosophical thought, carries certain advantages and disadvantages when it comes to use and application towards different societies. One of the advantages that Marxism offers is the institutionalization of humane working conditions that are not present in capitalist mode of production by allowing the control of the proletariat or the working class vis – a – vis the bourgeoisie (Engels and Marx 1848: 1884, p. 769 – 773). Another is the upholding of a classless society where oppression does not exist (Engels and Marx 1848: 1884, p. 769 – 773). On the other hand, the disadvantages of Marxism is its tendency for domination after defeating capitalism and the condition of Communism as an ideal state which is not achievable given the current situation of the world. In critically analyzing the theory, it is important to criticize both the advantages and the disadvantages that the theory offers. Regarding the advantages, it is worth note taking that workers are the one that sustains the businesses that allow the flow of capital and production in a certain country or society. By establishing human working conditions, inhumane treatments can be avoided. At the same time, there will benefits and advantages for the workers. Just compensation can be the assurance of a good workforce. Having the workforce control the mode of production is another assurance that the workings of businesses will always be in proper order and in a discipline condition. Another condition that is worth note taking is the way that Marxism provides a condition for the establishment of a society which is classless and is equal in stature. This would be a standard that allows equality in all aspects; whether it is political, economical or social basis. This is one of the good things that must be considered about Marxism since it allows a harmonious existence with people, regardless of race, culture and class. This also tries to encompass people across cultures. In terms of the disadvantages, this is where most of the contentions will come in. Capitalism dominated the order of things and placed Communism in a disadvantageous position. However, once Communism is attained, it is not guaranteed that equality will continue to flourish. There will definitely be instances where Communism, will definitely use force to keep thing in order and under it command. In this case, one cannot deny that Communism will be like capitalism where oppression will still exist and provide problematic conditions of engagement between the people and the rulers that maintain Communism under control. Next thing to consider is the Communism as an ideal state of things which cannot guarantee its prominence. Socialism may be close to it but it communism will not materialize due to difference in values and perceptions that one cannot disregard or undermine. The image on the left is a signification of how people are living out the ideals of Marxism. Class struggle is one of the principles of Marxism since it has shown the problematic connection between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. This relates to Marxism due to its innate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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