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To what extent does Heidi Hartmanns metaphor of an unhappy marriage still characterise the relationship between Marxism and feminism - Essay Example

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This study is based on the various historical periods and different societies. Progressive analysts of feminism have over the years based their focus…
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To what extent does Heidi Hartmanns metaphor of an unhappy marriage still characterise the relationship between Marxism and feminism
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"To what extent does Heidi Hartmanns metaphor of an unhappy marriage still characterise the relationship between Marxism and feminism"

Download file to see previous pages She further asserted to the fact that the relationship that existed between feminism and Marxism is one that is similar. According to me, I think That Marxism was predominantly what made up feminism. This is from a line in her work in which she said, ‘Marxism and feminism are one, and that one is Marxism”. In her opinion, Hartman made it clear that a marriage needed to be healthy, failure of which a divorce was inevitable. The relationship that has existed between feminism and Marxism is characterized by tension. This is because the two theories of Marxism and feminism have an analysis that is radical (Yuval-Davi & Nira, 2006). However, in this article, I intend to bring out the aspect of there being an existence of a ‘healthier’ relationship between feminism and Marxism. There is the need to have a connection between the two divergent views. This is primarily because the Marxism analysis has in itself an analysis that presents insights that are essential in the historical developments vis-à-vis those of capital particularly. Moreover, the arguments and fundamentals of Marxism are blind to sex. There is only a particular feminist analysis that clearly reveals the systematic character that exists between the relationship of man and woman. However, the feminist argument itself has been deemed to be inadequate as it does not consider historical facts and has materials that are inadequate (Brah, Avtar, Phoenix & Ann 2004).
Looking at “The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism and Feminism”, an article by Heidi Hartmann, many questions went through my mind. One is left wondering the relationship that exists between feminism and Marxism. I wondered where these two concepts agree and where they are in conflict. More interesting is looking at Hartmann’s metaphor of “unhappy marriage”, and to try to relate it with Marxism and feminism. The review of Hartmann and that of Rosemarie Tong never convinced me hence the urge and curiosity to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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